my friends are convinced that i am a cat because i have had so many NEAR DEATH experiences

tracys amazing near-death experiences!!!!

Near-Death Experience # 1: i fainted into a baseball dugout that was filled with water, muddy, dirty water. i nearly drowned.

Near-Death Experience # 2: i rolled down a flight of stairs. that hurt.

Near-Death Experience # 3: i fell down a waterfall. heh heh

Near-Death Experience # 4: i got attacked by a chihuahua.

-and- Near-Death Experience # 5: i tripped, slipped, tripped, flipped, and rolled down a mountain. heh heh heh. when i got to the emergency room i was covered in mud and blood and my shirt was torn etc. etc. when i told the e.r. lady what happened, she laughed at me. :) but it was ok, because i was laughing too. :) i ended up with tons of bruises, one that went from my knee to my mid-back (it was sooo ugly) and a sprained wrist. it was quite an experience. as my friend puts it "it is my claim to fame" :)