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please check back periodically, i am currently writing new stuff for this page!

this nifty little page is dedicated to Richard Milhous Nixon

hey. this is my page...if you dont like it then JUST LEAVE!
here are my amazing links so you can know ALL YOU EVER WANTED OR NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT ME! heh heh

this link is basic junk about me...
my thought for the month! =)
my question of the month!!
my motto in life
this is my list of people and things that need to be shot
my ultimate list o' movies. =)
my photo album!
~includes pictures of me, my handwriting, and some other pictures that i scanned in =)

my room of doom
this is stuff that is on my wall
this is stuff that my friends and i have written on my walls
this is various junk all over my room
these are the flyers that are on my walls
and finally this is the amazing NATIONAL ENQUIRER articles on my wall

music and cartoons to my liking
NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW! these are some musicians and bands of recommendation
these are the basic types of music i enjoy
these are some cartoons and television shows i enjoy

other *useful* junk about me =)

my friends are convinced that i am a cat because i have had so many NEAR DEATH experiences.
Near-Death Experience # 1: i fainted into a baseball dugout that was filled with water, muddy, dirty water. i nearly drowned.

Near-Death Experience # 2: i rolled down a flight of stairs. that hurt.

Near-Death Experience # 3: i fell down a waterfall. heh heh

Near-Death Experience # 4: i got attacked by a chihuahua.

-and- Near-Death Experience # 5: i tripped, slipped, tripped, flipped, and rolled down a mountain. heh heh heh

thats me in a nutshell...if you dont like me, i really could care less!!

here is something else i can tell you about me. my personality type is ENTP which stands for extraverted intuitive thinking perceiving. some famous ENTPs include Christopher Columbus, Calvin(from Calvin & Hobbes), Thomas Edison, Bill Cosby, Alfred Hitchcock, ByteBoy (form cafe kyoto and other places), Marilyn Vos Savant (who holds the record for the highest IQ), Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote, and Garfield.
so there you have it.
SOME THINGS I LIKE TO DO: watch cartoons, read crazy books, look at art (andy warhol especially!),take pictures, watch cartoons, completely over-analyze everything, and watch cartoons.

i didnt have time to make these links, someday they might be added:

movies i enjoy-some include _A_Clockwork_Orange_, _ROCKY_HORROR_PICTURE_SHOW!_, _Willie_Wonka_and_the_Chocolate_Factory_, _Goonies_, _Breakfast_Club_, and many many more...

books i enjoy-some include: _Breakfast_of_Champions_, _Franny_and_Zooey_, _Naked_Lunch_, _A_Clockwork_Orange_, ANYTHING by Dave Barry, and many many more...

authors i enjoy-some include kurt vonnegut, dave barry, jd salinger, benjamin hoff, anthony burgess, william s. burroughs, and others.

now i will end this anarchy and let you get on with your life.

well, thats about it! but first, i gotta say thanks to these people who put up with my crap:

Jack (or Xenos in Kyoto) for being my "cyber-daddy" i love you daddy!! =)
brett for showing me love and happiness, i love you brett!! =) i love you soooo much....bretts beautiful page
PHROGGY for being my BESTEST friend in the whole entire world wide web. =) i love you little phroggy!!! *hugs*
OGO for being the BESTEST brother a girl could ever ever have. love you ogo!! *salutes*
allison and katie, who have been my friends for longer than i can remember
jason, who is probably very sick of my complaints about EVERYTHING by now
DNA for being part of the looooooooop troooooooop with me! ~loooooooooping~
steve for liking me for having opinions and voicing them
rob for being a terrific, princess b. =)
benvolio for telling me to count to ten on MANY ccasions
the academy *laugh*
and especially, all the little people, whom without, nothing could be possible heh heh heh

once again (for the 5th time) Lpage has lost my guestbook. yes, thats right. i no longer have a guestbook. im looking for a DIFFERENT, more RELIABLE server right now....i cant begin to tell you how pissed off i am about this. *sigh* *beats up lpage*
well, i have been doing some searching, and i have found this new guestbook! please sign it!!! =)
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okay, thats enough.