my photo album!

~these pictures were all scanned in by me, so if you want to use, please ask! ~

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pictures of me =)
~dont be TOO scared!~

a picture of me when i was 3 months old

a picture of me when i was about 6 years old. i cant figure out what i am doing =)

a picture of me last year. for some reason i am VERY red in it. eek!
by the way, i am the one on the bottom. =)

*note--soon three more recent pictures will be added, maybe more. so keep looking! =)
my handwriting!

this is from some of my biology notes...=)
this sample is fairly neat, compared to my normal handwriting. =)

various pictures of various things =)

pictures i use when chatting

a picture of the infamous juju beast! =)

usually i use this when something exciting happens or i leave...

this is what i float on....its also a joke between phrog and me

other pictures that humor me =)
this is a picture of a really neato car =)

a swell cow

i just think this picture is REALLY funny. =)

i think this one is funny, too
the keenest pickle in the whole world

i just think this gum has a neat name

the funniest picture ive ever seen (well, kinda) =)

this guy scares me =)

this is a postcard my friend sent me, i think its great! =)

i just think this one is cute =)
thats all i have right now, someday i might have more! =)

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