types of music I enjoy listening to

swing era/loungey music
mellow junk
nothing too too loud
brit bands-late 70s and 80s are the best!
NOT ALANIS MORISSETTE that is one person that really needs to be shot.
folky,artsy music
ANY R.E.M.-that is my all time favorite band...especially their pre-91 stuff
old country, anywhere until the late 80s
african music
classic rock and oldies
cartoon theme songs! hee hee
indian music (both native american and from india)
any oriental music
spanish-type music (with accoustic guitar-not tejano and NOT THE MACARENA!) heh heh
i can basically tolerate anything BUT alanis morissette...do you understand how much i hate her?

yes, juju, i understand now TAKE ME BACK!