poems pO'ms
i am a simple woman leading a simple life blessed to write simple words and recite simple rhymes and when i write these simple words and recite these simple rhymes they project a simple honesty that frees me every simple time
how U?
My name is Cin D Quashie aka Ghetto ink.
I am a spoken word artist/poet (english for broke-azz writer), This is the 1st web page I have ever written. I will be adding audio.
Comments, Critques, Compliments, Complaints are all welcomed. Also, feel free to let me know if you'd like to know when new work is posted.
Thank you for visiting my pOeHtrEe.
i’ve found that when i focus on where i’m going, the road don’t seem so long
soft is a cloud’s shadow wiping a sunfried forehead on a cotton-picking, cane-cutting, Monday right ‘fore the rains come
some of us take communion once a month others need it daily in a handy travel size (a fifth of rum, please)