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Alice Tingle Russell

It would hardly be sporting of me not to say a few words about myself within this project. I'd say the one thing about me that best describes what I'm doing and why is that I have never lost sight of my dreams ...

There are also, hauntingly so, several vivid memories that bring to mind the youthful enthusiasm that has always been an integral part of my life. As a small child living in New Jersey where the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean border the peninsula that is Cape May County, I shall never forget dragging a kitchen chair into the bathroom and rehearsing receiving The Nobel Peace Prize or The Pulitzer Prize. Precocious ... Yeah :).

I also recall, quite fondly receiving some award for my scholarly achievements while attending grammar school. I remember the school administrators asking the parents of Alice Tingle to rise and be acknowledged. My young eyes saw my mother, Saundra Diane, stand up proudly ... alone ... and the spotlight shining on her. She looked so beautiful and young and strong. I've never forgotten that.

My brother, Kevin, recalls another moment from my youth. I was given a rather simple writing assignment ... two pages ... "My Journey to an Unknown Planet." What I turned in was a 50-page story, with illustrations that included a cut-away of the ship used in the journey. I wrote it over a weekend. I had been writing stories since the Third Grade and this was something that I really got wrapped into ... it became a part of my dreams.

We left NJ for NY when I was about 12. We spent a year in upstate NY then moved on to Connecticut. By the time I was 16, all I wanted to do was attend a small woman's college, attain my degree in Journalism and move to "The Village" in NYC where I would "slave at several small jobs while writing the Great American Novel."

So many different adventures. It seemed as if I were destined to go on into the lofty realm of scholarly attainment. This was the track my education took me on through High School. It is not ... however ... the course of adventure my life would accede to. We are all creatures of Fate and therefore subject to the whims of this world of chance.

My journey changed ... indeed, it has been anything but the carefully constructed "Path of the Spiritual Warrior" I envisioned for myself. There are two young women ... Jennifer Lynn and Nicole Angelique ... my daughters who have grown up amidst all the "Faerie Glamour" and the "Gritty Reality" of my life. There is substance abuse I continue to fight. There is an ongoing recovery from stress related job burnout that haunts me to this day. Et al ...

Now, 18-years later and with many technological wonders from the stuff of my dreams available, I've set about putting some of my experiences and observations down in a form that the world might know of it. Better now than never :).

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