All the Best Butches
roll over in the dark but sometimes pretend they don't
Like my sweet fist when they've had their way & mine
with me
Swagger enough to catch my eye
but not enough to bore
Flirt behind their girlfriend's back
because they're as greedy as me
Have a permanent pussy glint on their lips
& smile like dark chocolate
They'll suck your fingers at a restaurant
use their toes under the tablecloth
after you pull their boot off
Stand behind you in a smoky bar & lean over
with a husky whisper to say
Are you busy tonight?
All the best butches never make it to work on time
when they fall in love
Call long distance just to hear my voice
know exactly how
to bring out the best in me


and when you finally
let me come
screaming so loudly
the upstairs neighbors
pound the floor
my body is your leaf
shivering with each wind
of your tongue
Your hand inside me pulls apart sense
I speak in tongues......weep
Across the room you belly contracts
Your smile of satisfaction makes my knees Marcybutter
Sheet-burns on your elbows glow red & tender as my need
You want a poem to make all the clits listening
sliding down in their chairs drooling
I want to keep you all to myself
in the best blues sense
All wet
I want you to keep me that way


Two Butches
planned to take me out to dinner then surprise
me by taking me back to the toilet
one of them holding me down while the other
fucked my brains out
Boring I said......I did bathroom sex when I was too young
to know better & I'm a lot stronger than I look
I've got a better idea
Why don't you both
come home to my nice big 4-poster bed
of your own free will
I'll tie one of you to my easy
chair while the other one & I take our time
most of the night
After we've come that chair should be wet enough
I'll lick her pussy
until she's shouting to get out of those ropes
but she won't be able to do a damn
thing about it
except come


In the Morning I Comb
your juices from my hair
my fingers separate the snarled strands
traveled with light
my face smells of you
I don't wash


Riding in Your Sidekick
I slide my hand along your thighs
my fingers thrill
to the line of your boxers
under your levis
Suddenly you're standing beside me
near our bed
your T-shirt & boxers wet
with my cunt juice
& your delicious
your hand patting my ass
which still


Up All Night Again
Red flower of your tongue
rest on my swollen
satisfied tenderness
as I drift a golden lake
flying wide
Sweet weight of your shoulders
on my thighs sings
in the rising sun


Across the Horizon
We dance and laugh our way through town
our thoughts so light and gay
You are a beacon in our midst
your light it shines the way.

You lead us laughing to the pier
where land turns into sea
and tell us that your ship awaits
A journey to be free.

A wrenching thing this letting go
The never answered Why
But unafraid you board the ship
and bid us all good bye.

We'll wave and call and comfort you
as sails unfurl above
Our tears will spill into the sea
We'll send you off with love.

We'll watch from here - earth's feeble pier
toward sunset you will glide
A siloquette that fades away
from all our fearful sighs.

We'll watch you disappear from view
We'll dry each other's tears
We'll know your journey's almost done
For you the light is near.

Across this earth's horizon
you'll sight a new landfall
Another pier is waiting
filled with well-wishers all.

They'll beckon toward safe harbor
for you they'll make a fuss
then through the town you'll dance and laugh
just like you did with us.


In the Wild River of Your Arms
Where I'm carried to we silk plunging
I lean into your strong back which doesn't give
tin the sharp turns of touch
Bears me through nightmares & changing faces
lights racing a glitter of deep kisses
in darkness I didn't know was my home
until you held me & would not
let go

In the wild river of your laughter
nothing I do is crazy or too much
or can't be understood with time
No need for lies because you've no accusations
Grinning you embrace all that I am
even what I don't want of myself

In the wild river of your tongue
I travel lights years away from everyone
who has lain with me claiming?
some center of my spirit as their own
read meanings into me
without my knowledge or consent
made me afraid of my own desire
ploughed me with confusion
as they called arid sand a verdant bank
tried to kill all
that surges clear in me
a wild river uncontained
without a name

In the wild river of your cunt
where I am first to shake you free & screaming wildly
I swim against the tide of brutal discarded husband
shame & rocks of regret for a woman
who would not give you this water
we drink as though the desert burns on every side
I ride you lightly as a birch bark canoe
in late spring melt
catching your wrists in a seine of desire new
& trembling as this wind
breathing between us bringing song

In the wild river of your soul
I've known you clear green & true
you hands carry no deception no bribes
My brother calls you a good old gal
& loves your laugh
I remember the child I was before
my uncle sliced her into debris
I see a long ribbon of our lives
flashing with the hope of home
I though couldn't be

In the wild river of your eyes
I wash up new alive with colors
I open the deep pool of my tenderness
& float you down
where our toes are dancing on rocks
like crawdads waving hello with long feelers
Light as a leaf boat skimming the lights
my tongue is fishing for your pleasure
sweet water sweet grass
in the wild river
of our arms


you whisper in a soft
country drawl
I wanna be
your natural pussy hound
Wanna lick the moon
between your thighs
Give it to me now
I need
you to burn for me
Wanna hear you gasp
That's right honey
give me some
of your sweet stars
Fly for me howling
down to a hungry dog
ass in air
I wanna take you
till there's nothing
left but satisfied


not because she wants to be a man because she knows
I want a butch
who can loop my wrist with leather, whisper STAY RIGHT HERE
who can smile wide when I ask her to dance
because I've noticed the bulge in her pants
Tells me to come back for a slow number
because she doesn't do fast
I like a woman who'll make me beg her for it
Ride me till I forget my name, the date
the president, prime minister & every head of state
I like to sashay down the street a bit
with her watching my legs & breasts & ass
while I watch her hands & mouth
& the neighbors gasp
I like a woman who can make me over
into whatever she wants
as long as she wants
wet & hungry to my heart
I like it when she grabs my hair
I like a woman who packs
stands behind me in a crowded room leaning into my back
whispers in my ear
I like her tall or short heavy or slim
walking or riding a chair brown or pink old or young
I like a woman who can take me under
when she takes me over
then let me suck her, get in trouble, snap her gloves
I like a woman who want to be
the best fuck i've ever had
I like a woman who snacks


I Bought a New Red

dress to knock her socks off, spent all day looking for just the right combination of sleeve & drape, so I could actually knock all her clothes off......She met me at the boat dressed so sharp she cut all the boys to ribbons

Over dinner in a very crowded queer restaurant I teased her by having to catch drips of my food with my tongue, staring into her eyes, daring her to lean over & grab my breast or crotch & titillate the faggot waiters......She sat back soaking me up, enjoying my teasing tidbits, for all the world not wanting to fuck me ever......I knew better as she's kept me on my back all night since we met......I began to pout because I wasn't affecting her enough to suit me & she hadn't said a thing about my dress......Just then the waiter brought our dessert, a small cake she'd had decorated to say Beg Me To Fuck You, with pink roses all around the edge

I laughed so hard I tore my dress a little......The waiter smirked......I fed her roses from the cake, she licked my fingers so slowly I almost screamed......Near us some blazer dykes were very nervous & offended, so naturally she began to make loud sucking noises......Laughing, we left them to their girl scout sex & went dancing, where she kept her hand on my ass & her thigh between my legs even during the fast ones......Going home she pulled my thigh-top stockings to my knees and played with me......I'd worn no underpants especially for her......We were having such a good time she couldn't park & we laughed as she tried a third time & I blew in her ear almost causing a wreck

Then we started doing it in the front seat of her car, awkward with gear knob & wrong angles, until a cop pulled up & said sarcastically through the open window Do you need some assistance parking, Sir?......She flamed as red as my dress & returned to maneuvering the car instead of me

I was so horny I could barely walk in my matching high heels & she held my arm as we crossed to her place, pinching my nipple with her other hand & smiling her grin of anticipation......We necked on the porch to upset her nosy neighbors, who have twice complained about the noise I made coming......Then she couldn't get the lock to work & we giggled as I stood with heels in hand, my stockings full of runs & a wet spot on the back of my silk dress almost as wide as my ass......The door popped open so suddenly she fell forward & I tumbled after her, gasping......I started up the stairs heading for her bed when she caught hold of my pubic hair with her hand & pulled me back onto her until I was kneeling on the stairs as she fucked me from behind & my dress ripped some more as she took me hard, kicking the door shut with one foot, taking me out of this world until I was upside down with my head at the door & leg on the banister......Heat of her crotch as she came on me, my dress ripping right up the front as we laughed harder

The next morning her roommate said we were disgusting & we grinned with pride......The cleaners cannot repair the sweet dress & looked at me very oddly but I went out giggling & made her a pocket handkerchief with it, sewing rolled hems & a discreet message along one edge......PLEASE rip my dress off anytime

I Suck

her toes, bite her arch, trail my tongue along the inside of her leg & wait......She groans, pushes her hips toward me......I smile & return to sucking her toes......Take my time with the back of her knees, small sucking bites while she wiggles......Lift her thighs onto my shoulders, kneading her ass, my finger greased as I slide along her crack, teasing......Slap her pussy as she tries to pull me down with her knees......My tongue aching for her petals but waiting until the moment when I feel her urgency greater than mine......She pulls my hair in a fury of need until my lips touch her curly wetness......I kiss her everywhere except where she wants me......Her clit fat & erect......I bite her hair with my teeth, pulling......What do you want, Baby?......You KNOW......No, I've never done this before you'll have to tell me what to do......LICK ME......I lick her once from her cunt to her belly & rise to suck her breasts......She pounds my shoulders, scratching my back until I suddenly remember how to eat pussy, how much I love to eat pussy, how I could have pussy before & after every meal & would definitely snap up a job in the lesbian whorehouse eating pussy......My tongue is slow looking for the path down into the lights of need......I am her pleasure, focused......I'm erased into the fruit of her flowering, colors spinning......I'm following her through fear......through shame......through cold memories into the valley where pleasure shimmers in a spring haze

Her voice leaping pushes sound her body bites the air in a long sobbing scream roaring her head banging the wall her fists pounding we're an arch of rainbow as I hang on to her thighs my nose banging her cunt clenching my hand so tightly it's numb & I feel her let go into that flamingo pink sea vibrating lavender to magenta

Did you come a little bit, Baby? Oh FUCK you
Oh please do
As soon as you can move

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY Born Nov. 7, 1946 off reservation in San Francisco of a Menominee father & a Lithuanian/Alsace-Lorraine mother Self-educated Artist as well as writer Author of _Not Vanishing_ and contributor to many anthologies... Indigenous Land & Treaty Rights Activist, working for the freedom of Leonard Peltier, the Dine Nation at Big Mountain, the Mohawk Nation at Kanehsatake & various other Native Rights causes ...Make words, not war! Date: Wed, 26 Jan 1994 20:40:39 -0800 (PST)

Poems 1993, Chrystos

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