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firstly ... she does not look like that. i swear. secondly ... words fail me in talking about the woman who has always had so much faith in me and i so little in myself. with great love i introduction you to the ever elusive no5sQW ... parttime adult and one of our trusted leader ;-)
nothing you have heard about her is true. until you have met her you have no clue as to how loving and gentle and intelligent TopHatQW is. there aren't words to describe this wonderful friend ... so again with great love i introduce you to Toppers ... the other part of adulthood in #TheBasement ;-)
well what can a rascal like me say. i happen to love chat and have met some of the most wonderful people there. i love hanging out in #TheBasement at QWorld. geek poets have to have someplace to feel cool ;-).
some really nice places to chat *floats around the hot tub smoking a virtual bowl ===\_/ ... trying hard not to splash too much ... passing it to those who require it*
i've always been more than a little bit wild. so it is a special and rare vision that allows me calm in this haunting voyage we call life. alice knows this voyage well and walks bravely into it. dive on in ... to your soul. embrace and love yourself and be swept away by her fire.
for a man who is on the cutting edge of the new frontier. Ardy is definitely a true vampyre and master of his fate. we all wish him the best of fortunes as Millennia webservices takes its rightful place in the boundless sea of information. Ardy ... you rock ;-).
dont you just love it when bad boys will be bad boys ;-). here's to you ButchBoy ... sleepy mornings and late night frolics. i do believe we need to go and party mate ;-) lol
a bright spot on anyday ... expect to be loved a great deal ;-) and love it for that is danielle ;-)
$%@#%^$#% but i dont want to get personal ;-). Moooooooving right along ... ;-) there is a little tribute to this mystery woman somewhere here. hmmmmmm ... click here i think ;-)
ahhhhhhhhh ... what a butch ... GrandButch even ;-). what a truck ;-). i'm going to get shot now ...
bits bytes and nipples ... errrrrrr ... nibbles to you love ;-).
from one of your shortest fans even ;-) :::::::O-:::::::
*standing back from the pool table as Grrrl, twobears, lamia and Divine prepare to rewrite the game ... tight buns in 501's ... SCRATCH* ;-)
one word ... POOL~~~~~~~. the other words might just ... well ... say a tad more and we aren't going to go there (or here for that matter ;-).
cynicnet.com wow man ... like here is a woman who does it with style. my vampyre late night surf's up bud ... reality ... SHIT~~~. *building a mystery* so fine and sublime. we got it like that ;-) Keep it queer!!! (what a cute nick ;-)
thinking back on on the impromptu poetry sessions we have been in together i can say this ... you shall never meet another like Luna ;-). her passions a deep ... her insights always revealing. besides she'll have you smiling before long and laughing at your own or someone else's folly ;-).
if you've the time and the inclination to share a chat with mecca i assure you you shall be laughing and having a good time. would write this in gaylick but i have no doubt i'd put one foot in my mouth rather than ... nevermind ;) lol. one word to wise ... she has a shotgun.
rwbear & jmlbear have got to be one of the have got to be that match made at birth that was just going to happen ;-). so very nice and friendly ... so many laughs ... so many moments of sage insight & discourse. here's to you our friends ... with much love ;-).
{{{{{{{{{{SunnyOneSoTrue}}}}}}}}}} i love you ;-) yeah this is the one and only owner of the Naughty Lint Ball and the creator of the lesbisub. dive in if you have the nerve ;-).

WOW Man!!!



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