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PartyPooper! is Ottawa's own indie fanzine reviewing self-published and small press comix, zines and chapbooks from all over the place! Each issue features between twenty and twenty-five original and complete reviews, full mailorder info, and mailing and email [when available] addresses. The paper version of PartyPooper! also features a black and white reduced reproduction of each book reviewed in that issue! This online issue of PartyPooper! is a text-based version of the most recent back issue of the paper editions.

To subscribe to the paper version of PartyPooper!, send $2 CDN/US [cash or cheque] to get FOUR subsequent issues mailed one at a time directly to your door as soon as each new three-page issue is published! Your subscription fee goes towards covering some of the cost of postage for your entire FOUR ISSUE [that's between eighty and one hundred original reviews] subscription! All cheques payable to Stephen Bourne, please.

To submit your self-published or small press comix, zines and chapbooks to PartyPooper! for review, mail them to: P.O.Box 153, Station B, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 6C4 Canada. While limited space and the maximum of twenty-five reviews per issue quota may not allow your book to be featured immediately, all qualified submissions will be reviewed regardless of content. Musical cassettes, novels, commercial material and Ezines cannot be reviewed.

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