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4 1/2, Number One

"The first four books [in the 'Prelude To The Redhead' series] have, in a way, been metaphors.
"A kind of fact-based fiction.
"Now it's time to strip away the fantasy for a little while and look at what's behind it."

- Stephen Bourne, creator of Prelude To The Redhead and 4 1/2. Ottawa, 1996.

"4 1/2" is a semi-autobiographical story told in a semi-comic book-based format for mature readers, following a man's rediscovery of his estranged father twelve years after his death.

The Comic Book Clearing House Preview (with pictures!)

"4 1/2" number one features 28-pages containing original artwork and prose, and is presented in a black and white standard sized and photocopied comic book format with a two-colour, card stock cover.

Cover price is $2.50 CDN in Canada, $3.00 US in the USA and Mexico, and L3.00 in the UK and elsewhere, per copy, plus 40% of total order price for Shipping & Handling, prepaid.

All books are individually signed, bagged and boarded at no extra cost. This material contains coarse language, nudity and mature themes unsuitable for minors. Age statement is required with ALL mailorders.

Domestic and non-Canadian cash and cheques payable to Stephen Bourne, P.O.Box 153, Station B, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 6C4 Canada. 30-day bank-enforced processing delay on all non-Canadian cheques may apply before those orders are mailed out. Orders outside Canada, USA, Mexico and the UK please use UK prices and pay the currency exchange equivalent in your local funds [for instance, Tokyo orders pay the equivalent of L3 UK in Japanese Yen per copy, plus 40% for S&H.]

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