Hello Rhona and all her fans!!!!!!,
just a short one to tell you all i am back
only at weekends for now but get in touch
Jason write to me and i will get you sorted out
Okay people the crow is back so email me about anything
to do with Rhona, info, help,anything at all email me
Rhona if you are looking please, please, please email me
at - the.crow@virgin.net anytime :-)as we need to discuss
things. I hope you are well, loving everything and having fun
I know I am!!!! Take care everyone especially Rhona!!!!
bye for now, cya all soon - Robin


Well, people, I think this is my last news update.
I'd like to send my greetinX to Rhona's mother.
Good job for finding my site and I wish you good luck
and may Devine Intervention be with you (you know, these
old fellaz up there). One day I hope to see you on a
beautiful day.

That's it for now. If you'd like to ask more, just drop me
an e-mail at rhonas_place@yahoo.com

Should you want to check my work in future, my site at
I'm giving control back to Robin. He'll update the site further.
Nice to have known you guyz, greetinX, and Rhona, I love you forever.

I'll be back...

Messju2 signing off.


Well, guyz, about half an hour to go and it's 1900.
Oops, Y2K bug. I mean: 2000!
So, happy newyear and let's make 2000 a
year of great partying!
2000 is going to be the year of the dragon.
Rhona's been born in 1976. Also the year
of the dragon...
Now we gonna rock!
Hey guyz, HAPPY NEWYEAR!!!


Rhona has has recently been at Party Of Five
in America. 30/11/99 to be precise. She was
Holly who got lost in Bailey's neighborhood.
I live in Holland, where we
we lag behind with at least 40 weeks...
So, I'll have to wait another year before I
can see her here on TV. Meanwhile I'm looking for some stuff on PO5.
I've found one picture of her. Want to
have it in the gallery? Good, then start
mailing me, send me pictures or AVIs or
whatever or at least talk to me and stop
####ing off!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

For if you didn't know: the address is rhonas_place@yahoo.com


Sorry that I didn't have much time yesterday.
Anyway, Robin is temporarily offline for a
little break, so he asked me if I wanted to maintain
this site for a while. Wow...

The design isn't going to change and if you
guyz happen to make me in a good mood (by
sharing some pix/info for example) I'd might
add some new pictures.

Oh, and, sorry about the guestbook, if you'd
like to, please sign it, and, please post some
notes on the messageboard, as it was put there
to exchange ideas. I'm waiting for your feedback!


Hi guyz, just wanted to say that I'm in charge
of this website right now. Some probably have
known me from www.rhonasplace.co.uk
anyway, I'm going to tell more about myself later on.
Tomorrow I'm going to give this site a better update.
C U guyz l8er!


Happy Halloween!, 2day an ex partner
Stole me guestbook (nice person huh?)
So I decided to put up the new one
the same person is probably gonna try
and ruin my sites, all because he was
paranoid?? oh well!!
Anyway things are looking up, 2day I
also got - www.rhonasplace.co.uk, which
will be online soon, it is basically this
site only safer. No other news as yet.
Take care and see ya soon!!


Halloween is upon us again!
I put up a message board today
as I think it was needed, I am
sure it will prove usefull to
some of us! No other news at all,
things are pretty slow just now.
If any of you come across anything
please email me!! Thanx!!


Rhona Chat Room Added, Use It Or Lose It!!
Also a viewers poll chucked in, Please
cast your vote!! The site's development
and design depends on it!!


Not much news really, i am still looking
for - The Big Breakfast interview on VHS, Can
you help?? Also - The Man Who Made Husbands
Jealous so I can get some new pics.
I am trying to split my update times between
this site, my www.rhonamitra.co.uk site
and my other new one - www.siberianhuskies.co.uk
which i hope to get online soon.

I have no news on going official as yet, I really
hope it will be soon, I had a step back with -
lets just say 'Rhonas legal people', they tried to
give me the impression that Rhona would not like
an official site anyway?? Typical insignificant
unhelpful people :) so now i am heading toward talks
with her agents/management, in failing that i will
contact Rhona personally on the subject.
If these sites dont go official the upkeep will
be extremely hard, I have so much info i can put
in my Rhona sites but i need to talk with Rhona
regarding some issues 1st before they go in.

I can only ask now that you just wait with me!!
Thanx & Take Care!! email me if you have any info etc.


Not much news really, i have been so
busy sorting out my other site -

The Unofficial Rhona Mitra Website

hope you guys check it out and sign
the guestbook!!! You can also email
Rhona from it!!! Go do it!!

expect some major changes over the
next few weeks, and i still havent
got news on going official yet, keep
your eyes open.

if anyone has any info,news,stories,
pics etc on Rhona please send it in.

All info etc. gratefully accepted!!

I am also still trying to get -
a copy of The Man Who Made Husbands
Jealous, Anyone help???

Lastly please sign both my guestbooks
so i know what you want in the sites
and what you think of them.....


I just received some exclusive Beowulf
pics from a film company in Scandanavia!!
remember they were here 1st!!
Check them out in the Gallery and see more
at my new site -

The Unofficial Rhona Mitra Website

I'll keep you posted!!


I just secured a new domain name -
expensive but...................
hopefully, it will be worth it!!!

Check it out but it is still in the

i will let you know of it's progress,
and when it is finished.
But i can tell you it is going to be
HUGE!!!! I really hope I get permission
to go official!, I still havent heard
anything yet, i will keep you updated!


Some new links added, I applied to go
official!!!, (keep your eyes peeled!)


Some new pics added, And i updated some
Of the old stuff.
(Rhona in Beowulf, 2 pics added)

Can any one give me information on Rhona's
wherabouts nowadays? Also any news would be
appreciated! Thanx to anyone who can help!!


Just a few words to say this site will be updated soon.

I have a selection of new links and pics to put in,
I will get them in soon, also expect some surprises!,
and new suff!!
Later - Robin...


New pictures added to gallery from this months
Ministry Magazine.

Now i've more space i may add some big breakfast
movies if anyones interested in seeing them.

Sorry for there being no updates but i haven't been
able to find any new info or pictures, thankyou
to everybody who has emailed me, especially
Jackie Ligo for all her help with the Ministry
stuff, scanning typing etc.


Pepsi chart Vid caps in the gallery.

I'm looking to set up a fan gallery with artwork
desktops infact anything you guys and girls ceate
send it to me and i'll put it in the gallery and credit you.


Still looking for the man who made husbands jealous
if anyone can help me out with this it would be
great, i'm getting alot of emails asking why Rona
was sacked latest rumour is, Eidos/Core wanted
an unknown to play the part, Rhona's celeb status
meant she was more famous than Lara and getting
more publicity so she had to go. But it's not the end
of the world she has other stuff lined up and i'm sure
we'll see more of her know than we did before as she'll
be free to do what she wants.


Sorry theres been no updates for a while i've been so busy.

I've added a desktop picture in the gallery if people like it
i'll think about doing some more, also i should have some
video captures form the pepsi chart next week.


Rhonas been sacked

Rhona Mitra was fired by Core Design last month, both her
"Lara" LP and single "Getting Naked" have been canned.

Thanks to SHAPE for this piece of news

Thursday November 6 8:11 AM EST

'Beowulf' Filming Begins

By Nick Madigan

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - With an ancient Transylvanian castle as location,
principal photography has begun on "Beowulf," a futuristic adaptation of
the Old English folk epic, with Christopher Lambert in the lead role.

"We're using a really bizarre, beautiful old castle, and we're adding a 3-D
digital matte to it," said producer Larry Kasanoff. "We've created what I
call a techno-feudal future, set 1,000 years from now. It's a scary
science-fiction movie."

The independent production will also shoot simultaneously in Bucharest.
Other actors includes Rhona Mitra ("Tomb Raider" video game), Gotz Otto
("Schindler's List"), Royal National Theater veteran Oliver Cotton and
Charlie Robinson ("Set It Off").



10 new unpublished pics added to the FHM gallery.
Thanks to everybody who has emailed me and signed my
guest book it's good to here from you all, and you all seem to
like the site, keep checking back i'll update as soon as i get
any new pictures.


Over 4000 hits i've recieved so far must be a couple of other
people that like Rhona as well thanks for visiting my site and
keep coming back i'll update as soon as i have any new info,
I've got an award Celebrity site of the day Wow.


More FHM pictures added to the gallery and 1 pic to
the Lara gallery.


Big Breakfast pictures now in gallery.


Some FHM pictures added to the gallery, another picture added
to the ECTS gallery, and info added to the BIO page.


More pictures added to the gallery, and a few links, still trying
to get hold of a copy of the video The Man Who Made
Husbands Jealous to get some video captures off maybe
i'll get lucky this week.


Everythings new

Sorry there's not much here at the moment but i'm
finding it hard getting pictures and info, if anybody
has any pictures, movie files, video captures info
infact anything i'd be gratefull for them, if you'd like
to contribute anything you can email me at

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