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For those of you who have come to this page directly from one of the fanfic archives we really suggest you check out our main page where you can find links to all the background information you will need to explain the Parias, their world and the online comic which started it all. There are also some additional stories which can be found in the biographies section - some of these are crossovers, some deal with the characters in their own world.

UPDATE Another Parias/Buffy crossover is here! Vampires and Slayers and Parias...Oh My! has arrived.

Lexi by Raven

Strangers In An Even Stranger Land : A Parias /X-Men crossover with a life of it's own!

Strangers In An Even Stranger Land 2: A Parias /??? Crossover - The Angst Years (Oh god, what have we done!?!?)

Note: Links to some of these stories can be found on the biographies page.

These stories are all set in the Parias' own dimension (Gasp...they're home for once?)

Vignettes : Shorter scenes which were begging to be written but don't quite make story status!

Note: We really don't know how long this song title trend will go on so don't ask!

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