In Italy

David's Exciting Adventures In Italyby Tafuri
David was seen quite recently terrorising the populous of Italy. When asked he merely just shrugged it off as 'a holiday'. A likely story indeed. When pressed he could not produce any evidence of actually being in italy - his knowledge of the language was limited far too much to just those words with letters 'c', 'a', 'z' and 'o' in them; and his dress sense (see above) was quite obviously that of a different region. However he did produce this substantial evidence that he had some knowledge of the country of Italy.

This obviously shows that the man does know what he's talking about.

April 97
Pinerolo is one of my favourite towns in Italy because it's the first one I went to - and I also know alot of girls from there. A simple yet adequet reason I feel.
Here's a few pictures below of the town and me in it.

Bella eh?

This is THE cathedral where I learnt the meaning of the italian words spingere and tirare as I tried to push
a door that said pull on it. Doh! The congregation weren't best amused....

...I went to Stresa to see Lago Maggiore....

but it was shut - well the lake was. What follows is a transcript of the conversation I had with some dirty old sailor by the lungolago
  • Marinaio:Buongiorno ragazzi giovani!
  • Me:Scusi Signore - la isola bella - e' chiuso??
  • Marinaio:Si, si, si e' chiuso.
  • Me:Ma tutto il giorno??
  • Marinaio:Si si si, tutto il giorno. Ma potete venire con me con la mia barca eh? Me e voi, pescare eh?? Non e' molto
  • Me: Not sodding likely mate! Mi dispiace no, grazie......dirty old git.

    We went to the Matterhorn.

    This is a great place - but a bit sodding cold. The photo on the right is Lago Blu which was a pituresque little lake where which I found some hidden under ground streams when my leg dissapeared into the snow, right up to my crotch. Ow!

    FeltreSummer 1997
    Part 2, hoho. I spent a glorius 3 weeks my friend Andrea in Feltre, a town in north Veneto.

    There's a link to the homepage kept by Vanni (who lives there). Each year there's a palio,with street parties the night before. There also happens tobe much cheap wine at these aforementioned parties. There also happened to be a rather drunk me at these. Enough said.
    Mental note: Don't play a game called 'Beu' with the Feltrese.

    Me with my best friend Andrea (right) and his brother Gianni (left). This is in his town of Feltre.

    All for now folks...

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