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Ciao David Ť un piacere sapere che anche in UK c'Ť qualcuno che ascolta la nostra musica.........i testi sono sempre i nclusi nei nostri albums........i testi di ETABETA li trovi anche sul nostro
grazie per i complimenti
a presto

I really do mix with the stars don't I???
Basically here's lyrics from 2020 Speedball and the song Il Mercante Dei Sogni

IL MERCANTE DEI SOGNI (The Dream Merchant)
In my sphere I see that you will arrive
Iíll hold on to you for a bit longer
Flying high, youíll see two serpents
Dust in a pocket and in the throat

Thirteen slaves in the garden of the king
Finding the sacred flower for you
Youíve crossed a hundred new cities
Soon the sweet journey will be half

To fly, where will you fly?
To dream, new realities
To forget, who lives to
Prove who knows what

Youíll have a new force, new realities
Youíll have a refuge, bridge and a mask
Flying high, youíll see two serpents
Whatís good and whatís bad are the same reality

Forgive what you know
For the peace, thereís no time
To give you who lives to
Prove but who knows what

To prove.....who knows what
To prove..(I wanted to be with you)
To prove I am..(I want it to rain now)
To prove...who knows what(I wanted to be with you)

2020: Have you ever tried to make love with a cyber-pirate that you met in an autostop on
an information highway?
2020:Governments, today prohibitionists, are they combatting the virtual drugs? Will it be dangerous in this way, the mistake of the future?
2020:Society has always the need to predict. You'll have it, naturally
in your home, on your favourite channel.
2020: We'll find the astronaut who will guide the mission, Europe 3,
to find new planets to colonize.
2020: Will you be able to conserve love for the earth and its gifts? Will you have time, "a quick point", to love yourself the same with your imperfections?
Safe journey, friend....

Welcome, to a world of magic, 2020 Speedball

I want to stay here
Closed in my room
Skillful fingers to press the keys

How they run..

More quickly than
They give me an illusion
Enjoying in this way
My generation, but....

I want to burn the desire thatís inside of me
2020 times
As long as I will have power to make love with you
2020 stay with me
Stay with me
I have your image

Only in this way
Industrial pleasure
Die with you
Solitude ghost

Shout the rage of the demons that
2020 times
Terrible blood will push me into inside of you
2020 stay with me

For the young rebels, thereís no solution

I canít live
Without my brain-machine
Iíll stay here
With my brain machine

SENZA FAR RUMORE (Without making noise)
Like light, she'll arrive
Like water, she slowly glides

With out making noise
She will climb the stairs
And her lips.......

Like myrrh, she will slowly burn
Like fire, dancing for me

Universal mother
I would wait
For your moment
But, if you know love
Wherever you will go, it will talk to you about me
You know, itís more hot than the sun
Wherever Iíll go, it will survive me

Like blood in fertile earth
Like blades in young meat

Like a storm
The first time is the last time
But, if you know love
Wherever youíll go, youíll remember me
You know, itís larger than the sea
Wherever you will go, itíll survive you

If I finish another day sat here
Going mad with television
The hope dies in this way, voice of someone
Don't ever surrender: revolution

Dying quickly
Give me
The way to leave
Speed - Speed Ball
Run quickly
Speed Ball

That old man that spits rage and truth
Isn't mad, but is the reality
Says that we'll die here in slavery
In artificial velocity

My planet
They guide
Our lives
Speed - Speed Ball
I want to dream
Speed Ball
Speed - Speed Ball
Are you the furure?

Dance, strike hard the decadance
But when tou dance, you leave nothing for me
For me only the present, there's no future
What is past, I don't remember, I was born here
Cyber Punk, Hare Krishna
Primitives, like a zen orgy
A trasher, who encountered the dance tonight
In the temple, at the mass that's there
And I watch your body,I've revived
And I leave the desert to another
I say you know it, now you'll see it
There's no inferno that can stop me
You are life, I will forget, boy
That newspaper life, , not for us
Moralists that sweat in jeans
Are slithering for the dancing queen

Wait for be
You're my Dancin Queen

I leave out of here D.J., a beat DEE
They'll put the discs, now they're making the artists
A pair of glasses, however
Here are the new prophets, committed, I know
I fell like I'll die
And that no-one judges me, no
If you dance with me in front, the pleasure will join
The two distant worlds

Wait for be
You're my Dancin Queen

SUDAMERICA (South America)
I have a strange dream, you know
I'll want to leave, never return
Come here with me, Milan won't notice
We'll be , without telling the bar either

Blood and hearts
Women and sun, South America
The man laughs
Green gold, South America

The great city, immense cathedral
They smile at you, hiding their hunger
Earth of fire, Rio
Like in a dream, my friend
The divinity, the Andes, Inti, Sun god
Drips blood then another religion

Sacred earth-
Raped, South America
Laugh man
Green gold, South America

I cover the streets of the bandit
Loved by people, kiled by the state

Determinaton and life, South America
Sacred earth

Young demons without some god,
Lost in the alleys or in big cities
Agile brawls, gym and the street

Weekend is sacred madness
Watch out there's the police

Easy girls study to
Be calm in their weekend

Move their legs to the rhythm that's there

The pill and philosophy
Dante, Petrarca but
They drown in the....
Lost in the weekend
They scrape in the...
Lost in the weekend
They scrape in the...
Lost in the weekend

Quickly to Bruno's, for the last drink
Beat of the music, cosmic or funk,
Pulsating the eardrums, a bang and then go

Weekend is sacred madness
Watch out there's the police
Lost in the...
Lost in the weekend
They scrape in the..
Lost in the weekend

And if by chance I'm bored, I won't
fall to sleep, salgo sul bolide(???)
Press the pedal, say goodbye to friends
Lonely....a massacre of Saturday, me as well

It'll leave in the night from here
They've called it Europa 3
In the infinite space that
Feels close to god..

I'll find the future there
They'll build other cities

I'll certainly miss
These old people that
Salute me,hope that it's only me
That has fear to hide

On a new star
To find that which is
Here not there:
Life never again
Love never again

I miss the air (Armed poet)
Now that I'm here
I'll scream madly with you
Strong songs, I'll discover
The lie that seems true

I miss the air

I'm a poet, armed hero
Son of antiquity
You won't be another victim,
Laugh that I save you

I miss the air

Rotten and false
A fire on those who
Sell deceptions:You choose if
You will be the roller or the street

I miss the air
Men with out souls
The poetry is dead already
Music, flowers of plastic
....Will I die?
I miss the air

The rain falls,
and memories rain
to this son, I don't know what to say
Cetainly I would like to
Have an important idea
to put out the fire inside of me

No, today you can't
No, tell me what will I do?

Climb the clouds
Climb inside my eyes
She sleeps still and it seems to me a bit funny
That she will continue
To love a finished man
I don't have anything to record

No, today you can't
No, what will I do

They run the street
Time runs fast

I won't resist any more
Stay here
Nothing changes, no
And me, I will go there
To immobile days

Tell me Guru
What will I say?
What do I have to do?
Tell me Guru
Maybe i will die
Stop and wait?
If I don't know you
Virtual sanity

Run as much as you can
The soldiers are looking for you
Don't fear
The green valleys and grass you will see again

Run, like the wind
Run away vagabond

Young and strong
At how many women have you already smiled
Don't be scared
The castle is far away by now

Kiss your loneliness
Laugh Boccadoro that
The forest is yours
Maybe she already sleeps
In the night she will pray for you
But don't you cry
The spirits laugh
The souls of the void know that
She will forget you
You don't know where the journey will go
This is your destiny
You won't be a man, but
Son you will return

FINO IN FONDO (Finishes at the bottom)
Stay here, sip the glass
And listen together to me
This wine can speak
Will breathe a bit and announce
"To your
Destinations to
Remember thatthis life is female
And goes lived, finishes at the bottom

... and I will speak to you of her, I've never done it
Because it's her who's won, you know

I forget our time
But let's do it quietly, Jaco and Pablo
Are sleeping the poems, are pure and fragile
Lets defend their world
....., before drinking
Amsterdam and Hemmingway, in Piedmont
to Diego Armando!
...with his....

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