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Archive News9/27/09:

And, it's update time! There's a big update for you this time out. Additionally, we have a new challenge! As always, happy reading!

A Note to Everyone Using the Geocities Address: Geocities will be closing on October 26. That means that this link to the Archive will be gone. The Archive itself is still housed on and is slowly moving to a new home at So, update your links!

And, remember! The Archive is in the process of moving to a new system. We've changed to a new hosting service, gotten a new domain name just for the Archive and, we'll be using the eFiction software for the Archive. This means that the site will hopefully be better organized with options to search fanfics by author, title, summary and category. It will not, however, be a SWAT Kat version of The submission process will not change, and all submissions still need to be sent to our email. Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to police a fully automated system and keep it free of bots, trolls and the like.
At the moment, the new system is still being tested, and it will take quite a while to upload the existing archive to it as all of the old fanfics have to be entered manually. So, drop by and give it a look! Comments and suggestions would be welcome.

Mail us at: You may still receive response mails from the old address as, periodically, various mail systems reject the Fyresight address as spam. And, with that in mind, if you submit a story and do not hear from us in a reasonable amount of time, please try the second address.

  • Beta-Readers: The Archive is now posting requests for beta-readers. If you're an author seeking a beta-reader for your SWAT Kat fanfiction only, we would be happy to post your request. Likewise, if you would be willing to beta-read and would like us to "advertise" you, feel free to mail us. For more information, click here.
  • Challenge Page: All current challenges are listed along with the submissions that have been made to them. Please note that these challenges are just suggestions made by either fanfic authors or readers to encourage ideas they like. They are not a contest of any sort.
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      Notes placed with fanfics:

      Edited - implies that the author has re-written or revised the fanfic.  Does not necessarily mean that the work was edited for content, although this could have been part of the author's changes.

      Unfinished/Series Unfinished - in most cases, this means that the fanfic has been left unfinished for over a year.  "Series Unfinished" implies that the series has been left incomplete and, likely, that it will not be finished.

      Ratings and warnings- self-explanatory.

      Please also inform the archive hosts of any bad links, text you feel was hard to read due to difficulties with lining, or if stories have an innappropriate or offensive nature.

      All authors withhold the rights to their stories (some even have them legally, including me - DJ Clawson). If you don't approve of any of the context, don't read the story. We will post warning to any stories that may contain mature material.  Should a story seem to lack a warning you feel it needs, get in touch with us - we'll look at it.

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      If you wish, DJ's mailbox is still open and you can contact her here.

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