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You know, I've been told there's some kind of similarity pattern between the men I am attracted to. I can't imagine what they're talking about, though.

What kind of page would this be without good old William Wallace? (Mel Gibson in "Braveheat," if you've been living in a hole for the past few years)

And there's Sir Robert Roy MacGreggor (Liam Nielson!). For those of you interested in the Scots from watching "Braveheat," let me inform you that "Rob Roy" was an even better movie, with a better ending -- and it was still historically correct!

Historical note : The real Rob Roy MacGreggor did not wear these colors. The MacGreggor clan has a red hue in their tartan, and Rob himself wore a personal tartan of red and black stripes

No "Highlander : The Movie" fan could make this page without Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert).

Historical Note : Again, this movie also got the colors purposely incorrect, probably because modern day clans aren't always so happy about lending out their colors to filmmakers (though it seems that the Frasers did in this film). The real MacLeod tartan is yellow and black, with a red stripe.

And, from "Highlander : The Series," here's Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul). The tartan is wrong again, but different from Connor's above -- don't ask my why they did it. Connor, according to the timeline, was born fifty years before Duncan, and the third movie mentioned the colors changed after Connor left the clan, so that might explain the differences.

If you have any more good pictures of men in kilts (or a better copy of my one of Connor), or have spotted a historical or factual mistake, please e-mail me!

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