Poetry by Ann Logan

(c)__Feb 2, 1999___A.M. Logan

[Moon rider] From the out of the moon,
She road the flames
of ancient ills
who called her name
I watched in fear
her valient ride
And kept the good book
by my side.

She whips the reigns
the march to dawn.
She screams her will
to targets, scorn.
For none is safe
those kings of cruel
A feast of fate
Her golden rule.

Dare not peek before the sun
Less her shriek, one-less be won.
Less her rage, find site in you.
Beware the moon, it's wraith is true.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Xena saves the day]

by w3 Ann Logan

In the light of day,
Argo kicked the clay,
Beneath her trots heading west.

Her rider, tall and light,
Is Xena, crazed for fight.
Flash steels collide, hers is best.

Thick clouds, a child's cry,
Xena rides, mein to die,
Sword afire, night to Dawn.

Mercy mind, Battle on.
Crush the grime, Battle on.
Mire in Merit, Battle on.
Battle on.

Yar your sail, women's mizzen,
Cyclone's soul, past forgiven,
Reticent dreams, yawl of wrong.

Heal your haunts; Gabrielle,
Bridle bright Gabrielle;
Zeal for you, Bard's song.

Bard and Xena, time's paul,
Steel and Quill, hope to all.
Free the lodestar, seize the day
Be the lodestar, lead the way!


(c)_Feb,3 1999__A.M. Logan 

Fancy words and lavish lint 
From closet shelves, old times spent 
Many fights we toured the bed 
Passion nights I lost my head. 

And, now you are another's spar. 
I hate you less, for who we are 
Bolder, caring, watchful, sane 
Each night i sleep, without your name 

And yes, I've learned to hate you less 
For all your preeching business mess 
For trips away, her arms not mine 
And being late when I'm ontime 

In less, I hate your something's new. 
A crumpled card for my debute 
I shook the world to snatch my claim. 
You signed my heart, "Mister Myname." 


(c)_Feb 4, 1999_A.M.Logan 

The earnest engine of my fear, 
I forged within my numbing year. 
The one you knew as our desire. 
For foolish games, two conspire. 

Emotion sets the foil in play. 
A motion makes creation pay, 
Dearly for the lack I've done. 
In numbing lies, for you, my fun. 

Emotion motion hit my chest. 
ICU should tell the rest. 
Another morrow, I do fear, 
For lack of knowing, you, my dear. 

Of Anger, subtle as a gun, 
I soit to learn what you have won. 
I found a letter, tender sweet. 
With her, you feel your life, complete. 

Now, I am motion, bleeps on screen. 
What a clown, to you, should seem, 
A clinging wife, too long, to raise. 
I free your vow, give free my days. 

And you, scamp tidings till she rue. 
I will seek a heart that's true. 
And some day, when you lie in here. 
I'll glance this way and bite my cheer. 


(c)_Feb 4, 1999__A.M. Logan 

"Doctor, Doctor" 
No reply 
"I need assistance." 
Fixes tie. 
"I need assurance." 
Dirty word. 
"Aren't you the healer?" 
--That's absurb! 

"Doctor Turkey, set me free." 
Pretty pills need a fee. 
"My plan is half your demand." 
Two aspirin, fax. Sorry Ma'am 

"Oh, Doctor Turkey, don't you go." 
Tees at three, don't you know. 
"My pain rakes, heal me now." 
Gosh my stocks, see the DOW 

Go away. 
"I think I'm dying." 
Happy day. 
"I think you mean that." 
Have a think? 
"Death becomes DOCTOR Inc."