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    Organizations, directories, review sources

    Alternative Press Center; includes info about the Alternative Press Index, as well as large directory of "alternative & radical publications online."

    Dan Tsang's Web news resources page (Hundreds of links to alternative, gay, campus, and mainstream publications)

    INK (Association of Radical and Alternative Publishers [UK]

    LitLine(A website for the independent literary community)

    MSRRT Newsletter: Library Alternatives (c. 1996-2000; for activist librarians & others)

    NewPages ("An Independent Guide to Alternatives in Print and Electronic Media")

    Voices That Must Be Heard (Weekly links to articles from New York City's ethnic presses; Independent Press Association-New York)

    Alternative Media Task Force, American Library Association (Jackie Eubanks Award, etc.)

    APAs: American Amateur Press Association ("Fellowship of amateur writers, editors, printers, and publishers") .. The Fossils ("The Historians of Amateur Journalism") .. National Amateur Press Association

    Arabic Media Internet Network

    Bureau of Public Secrets (Ken Knabb's writings, Kenneth Rexroth archive, translations of Situationist texts, and sundry radical documents)

    CatalogQ("A resource for information about GLBT--gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender--periodical publications")

    Council of Literary Magazines and Publishers (includes directory)

    Counterpoise (Ordering info for the alternative review journal)

    Firecracker Alternative Book Award Winners, 1996-2002

    North American Street Newspaper Association

    Project Censored

    Rain Taxi (quarterly review publication specializing in literature from small & indie presses)

    Spunk Press (web archive of anarchist texts)

    Zine directories and review sources

    Articles, exhibits, etc.

    Disinfo Books (Books on "on current affairs, politics, new science and 'hidden information'") [New]

    "Collecting the Wretched Refuse" Lifting a Lamp to Zines, Military Newspapers, and Wisconsinalia" (homage to James P. Danky, Library Trends, Winter 2008) [New]

    "Words on the Street: Homeless People's Newspapers" (First published August 1999 in American Libraries)

    Notable presses

    A selected list of independent presses in Britain" (By Tara Mulholland, International Herald Tribune, March 3, 2006)

    2.13.61 Publications ("Books by Henry Rollins, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, Henry Miller, and others")

    AK Press (radical literature, spoken word recordings)

    African American Images

    Agraphia Press (Works by British anarchist artist Clifford Harper)

    Akashic Books (Indie publisher of "urban literary fiction and political non-fiction")

    Alyson Publications ("Books for gay teens, gay men and lesbians, and their children")

    Anvil Press ("Books from new...authors ...on the Canadian literary scene")

    Aperture (Important publisher of documentary and artistic photography)

    Apex Press/Bootstrap Press ("Books to build a better world")

    Arsenal Pulp Press (Canada-based publisher of "provocative books that challenge the status quo")

    Arte Publico Press (premiere publisher of Latino literature)

    Atlas Press ("Extremist and avant-garde prose writing from the 1890s to the present")

    Aunt Lute Books ("Not-for-profit, multicultural women's press")

    Ausable Press ("Poetry against the current")

    Autonomedia ("Anarcho-communist" publisher)

    Beacon Press ("Spirit, art, justice, knowledge")

    Between the Lines (Independent Canadian publisher of political books)

    Black Classic Press (specializing in reprints of African American books)

    Black Rose Books (radical politics; caveat: according to commentary and a letter in Freedom (March 21 and October 3, 1998), Black Rose published Peter Newell's Zapata of Mexico without the author's permission)

    Book Publishing Company ("Vegetarian cookbooks and Native American books")

    Brick Books (Ontario-based literary press)

    Chardon Press (Focus: community organizing, justice issues, political activism; site includes excerpts from the Grassroots Fundraising Journal)

    Chelsea Green (Vermont-based specialist in books on "the politics and practice of sustainable living")

    Children's Book Press (nonprofit publisher of multicultural and bilingual children's books)

    Chusma House Publications ("Publishing the works of Chicano and Chicana writers")

    Cinco Puntos Press ("PublishingSbooks (for kids and adults) from the U.S./Mexico border, the Southwest, & Mexico since 1985")

    Circlet Press (Specializing in erotic science fiction and fantasy)

    City Lights Books

    Cleis Press (lesbigay, genderbending, erotica, queer politics)

    Coach House Books (Focus: "Canadian poetry, experimental fiction, artist books and drama")

    Common Courage Press (focus: books for social justice)

    Creation Books ("Cutting-edge arts, literature and contemporary culture")

    Curbstone ("Literature that reflects a commitment to social change, with an emphasis on writing from Latin America and Latino communities")

    Disinfo Books (Books on "on current affairs, politics, new science and 'hidden information'")

    Dorchester Dog Hip Press (Chapbooks and public domain political tracts)

    Dustbooks (Small Press Review, International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses, etc.)

    Eakin Press (focus: Texas history, including Chicano, African American, and women's studies)

    Ellis Press (Minnesota small literary press featuring books by Adrian C. Louis, Dave Etter, Norbert Blei, and publisher David Pichaske)

    Exact Change (Focus: "Surrealism, Dada, Pataphysics, Fluxus, and other ... avant-garde art movements")

    FC2/Black Ice Books ("Open, noncommercial publisher of fiction")

    Factory School (Collectively-run publisher of Heretical Texts and Southpaw Culture series)

    Feral House ("A publisher that refuses to be domesticated")

    Fernwood Publishing ("Critical works which... challenge existing norms")

    Firebrand Books (Lesbian, feminist, & transgender literature)

    Flood Editions (Poetry by Philip Jenks, Pam Rehm, and others)

    Four Walls Eight Windows (now incorporated into the Thunder's Mouth Press imprint of Avalon Publishing Group)

    Freedom Voices ("Publishes works that speak to or from communities on the margins")

    Future Tense Books (Impolite fiction and poetry)

    Garrett County Press (Publishers of zine book compilations Temp Slave and Guinea Pig Zero, among other things)

    Gates of Heck (Annie Sprinkle, Joe Coleman, et al)

    Granary Books (Focus: artists' books & poetry)

    Graywolf Press (St. Paul-based literary publisher)

    Hanging Loose Press (publisher of poetry and fiction)

    Hard Press ("Artist monographs, art criticism, art theory, fine art prints, fiction & poetry)

    Haymarket Books ("Non-profit, left-wing book distributor and publisher"--more Marxist than anarchist, despite the name)

    Hill Street Press (focus: new and rediscovered literature from and about the southern United States )

    Holloway House ("World's largest publishers of Black experience paperbacks"--backlist now owned by Kensington Books)

    Holy Cow! Press (Minnesota-based independent publisher of works by Brenda Ueland, Meridel Le Sueur, Frederick Manfred, and many more)

    Insomniac Press (Canada-based independent publisher of black studies, gay and lesbian books, and more)

    Inner Traditions (Focus: "indigenous cultures, perennial philosophy, visionary art...sexuality, holistic health and healing, self-development")

    Island Press (Focus: environmental issues, including ecotourism, bio-diversity, sustainable forestry)

    Kaya ("A publisher of Asian diasporic literature")

    Kelsey St. Press (Focus: poetry by women)

    Charles H. Kerr Publishing ("Subversive literature for the whole family since 1886")

    Lantern Books ("Publisher of books on spirituality, natural healing, animal advocacy, and social issues")

    Lee and Low (multicultural children's books)

    Little Pear Press [New]

    Loompanics (self-sufficiency and libertarian thought; no longer publishing, but the site still contains some interesting links)

    Maledicta Press (Reinhold Aman's "uncensored language research" publications)

    Manic D Press; "cutting edge fiction, poetry, and comix"

    Milkweed Editions (nonprofit literary publisher; focus: cultural diversity, environmental stewardship, and poetry)

    Monthly Review Press (socialist)

    Naiad Press (Co-publishers Barbara Grier and Donna McBride have retired; their backlist of lesbian pulp fiction is now being handled by Bella Books )

    Nation Books ("co-publishing venture of The Nation Institute and Thunder's Mouth Press")

    New Directions (Longtime independent publisher of literature that matters, introducers of Celine, Mishima, and Borges to their English-reading audience)

    The New Press (significant nonprofit publisher "operated editorially in the public interest")

    New Rivers Press (poetry and fiction, most with a midwestern focus)

    New Society Publishers (environmental justice, sustainable living, ecological design, etc.)

    New Village Press (Focus: "citizen-initiated" community-building efforts)

    North Atlantic Books and Frog Ltd (martial arts, Buddhism, alternative and holistic medicine, environmental concerns, et al)

    North-South Books ("Small, fiercely independent publisher of children's books")

    Ocean Press ("Books offering a radical global vision... with strong focus on Latin America")

    PM Press ("[R]adical and stimulating fiction and nonfiction")

    Pangaea ("Publisher for Nature and Peoples of the Earth")

    Parallax Press (focus: books and tapes on "socially engaged Buddhism")

    Paul Dry Books (Philadelphia-based publisher of "books intended to awaken, delight, and educate")

    Pluto Press ("Independent progressive publishing")

    Polychrome Publishing ("children's stories from the Asian American community")

    PowerHouse Books (photography and artists' books)

    Princeton Architectural Press (books about street stencils, lost pet posters, found objects, photobooth photos, Mexican street art, and much more)

    Pulp Faction (British publisher of raw fiction)

    Reaktion Books (British independent publisher)

    Red Hen Press (Nonprofit publishers of Anita and Abbie Hoffman's To America with Love: Letters From the Underground and Blase Bonpane's Guerrillas of Peace on the Air: KPFK radio commentaries)

    RE/Search (Books about "maximizing creativity and freedom in a world whose agenda is consumerism and control")

    Sasquatch Books (publisher of books "for and from the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and California")

    Seal Press (multicultural feminist books)

    See Sharp Press (Speciliazing in books on "music, sex, anarchism, atheism, political/social humor," and "non-12-step" alcohol abuse self-help)

    Serpent's Tail (includes "provocative and transgressional" High Risk imprint)

    Seven Stories Press (Project Censored anthologies, Howard Zinn, y mucho mas)

    Shambhala (Asian religions, meditation, martial arts)

    Shaynew Press (Erotic photography books by Michael Rosen)

    Shelter Publications (Books on fitness, building, and architecture)

    Sixteen Rivers Press (San Francisc-based nonprofit women's poetry collective)

    Smart Art Press ("Publishers of artists' books, monographs, catalogues, and other art ephemera")

    Soft Skull Press (publisher of William Upski Wimsatt's No more prisons)

    South End Press ("Books that inspire radical social change")

    Spinsters Ink (Books from "fat women, Jewish women, lesbians, old women, poor women, rural women, women examining classism, women of color, women with disabilities")

    Spokesman Books ("The publishing imprint of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation")

    Steerforth Press (independent publisher of books "of serious intent")

    Sumach Press (Canadian publishers of "dynamic feminist writing with a critical perspective")

    Superior Letter Press Company

    III Publishing (Focus: satire, anarchism, muckraking fiction; site includes selections and reviews)

    Tilbury House (Maine-based independent publisher of Grace Paley and others)

    Tilt-a-Whirl Press ("The new, emerging voice of working class desolation and hope"--no longer publishing, but the site is still alive)

    Vegetarian Resource Group (vegan cookbooks, etc.)

    Verso (publisher covering radical history, D-i-Y culture, working class autobiography, and much more)

    Volcano Press ("family violence & women's health resources")

    Whit Press (Seattle-based nonprofit publisher of "women writers, writers from ethnic, social, and economic minorities, young writers, and first-time authors")

    Wings Press ("Texas' oldest small press")

    Women's Press ("Canada's oldest English-language feminist publisher")

    Word Warriors Press ("Trade paperbacks of authors primarily in their twenties and late teens")

    Working Press (UK-based working class artists "self-publishing and collectively distributing offset-litho books")

    Zed Books (radical British publisher of books on "international and Third World issues")

    See also the New Pages links to Independent Publishers

    Some magazines and newsletters

    [See here for anarchist periodicals]

    Adbusters "Culture jamming"

    Alternative Press Review

    The American Dissident [New]

    El Andar (Latino essays, photos, interviews; ceased publication)

    Asian Week

    Bint el Nas ("The virtual world of queer Arabia")

    Bitch ("Feminist response to pop culture")

    Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (scope: "international security, military affairs, and nuclear issues")

    Bust (Lifestyle mag by and for Generation X slacker gals)

    Canadian Dimension (covering Canadian politics)

    Canyon Country Zephyr (News and commentary from southeastern Utah)

    Carbusters (Focus: "the international anti-car/car-free movement")

    Challenge ("A magazine covering the Palestinian-Israeli conflict")

    Clamor ("A loud and continued uproar of many human voices"; ceased publication 2007)

    Covert Action Quarterly (Watchdog on government "intelligence" efforts); the editorial staff members of this publication have been summarily fired by the publishers; read the staff's initial open letter about the purge and subsequent material

    Culture Change (continues Auto-Free Times)

    Do or Die ("Voices from the ecological resistance")

    E Magazine (scope: environmental issues)

    Earth First! Journal (includes selections from current edition, action alerts, text from back issues)

    Earth Island Journal ("International environmental magazine")

    The Ecologist (with news about censorship of an issue which had the temerity to criticize Monsanto)

    ECS ("Your guide to living in Nepal")

    Evergreen Review (first published 1956-1973, now revived on the web)

    Extra! (selected articles from back issues of the magazine of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting)

    Fourth World Bulletin ("Issues in indigenous law and politics")

    Freedom Socialist

    Geist ("Canadian ideas, Canadian culture")

    Girlfriends (Lesbian culture, politics, and sexuality)

    Gobshite Quarterly ("Your Rosetta Stone for the New World Order")

    Green Prints ("The weeder's digest"--a little magazine examining the human side of gardening)

    Green Teacher ("Education for Planet Earth")

    Hermenaut ("Digest of heady philosophy")

    The Idler (British journal of slacking, including crap towns, crap jobs, and Louis Theroux)

    Index on Censorship

    Industrial Worker (monthly publication of the IWW)

    Intelligence Report (Southern Poverty Law Center's quarterly on "political extremism and bias crimes")

    In These Times ("Independent News and Views")

    International Socialist Review ("Journal of Revolutionary Marxism")

    Journal of Aesthetics and Protest

    Korean Quarterly (excellent publication "by and for the Korean American community of the Twin Cities and Upper Midwest," including adoptees)

    Left Curve (includes selected articles from back issues)

    Left Turn (Magazine published by "a network of revolutionary socialists and anti-capitalists")

    Liliput Review (little magazine of poems limited to ten lines or less)

    Lilith ("The independent Jewish women's magazine")

    LiP Magazine ("Informed revolt"; ceased publication 2007)

    Little India (monthly magazine focusing on East Indians in the U.S.)

    Matrix (Montreal-based arts magazine)

    McSweeney's (Check out the "Best Censored Press Releases")

    Media Reader (Jello Biafra, subversive puppeteers, et al)

    Middle East Report

    MindFreedom Journal (Focus: human rights in psychiatry)

    Minnesota Women's Press (selections from the biweekly paper)

    Mizna ("Prose, poetry, and art exploring Arab America")

    Mother Jones

    Mountain Gazette ("When in doubt, go higher")

    Moxie ("For 20-something women who want more out of a magazine than fashion, beauty and ten tips on how to get a man!")

    Multinational Monitor (Watchdog on global corporations)

    The Nation

    Network News (National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights)

    New Internationalist (Reporting on "issues of world poverty and development)

    New Left Notes [New]

    Nonviolent Activist (The magazine of the War Resisters League)

    Nuclear Resister

    Nygaard Notes ("Independent Weekly News and Analysis")

    OffBeat Magazine (scope: Louisiana music)

    The Onion ; Never again will news read the same...

    The Other Israel (Israeli peace publication)

    PR Watch ("Public interest reporting on the PR/public affairs industry")

    The Patrin Web Journal: Romani (Gypsy) Culture and History

    Peace Magazine

    Permaculture Magazine

    Perspectives on Anarchist Theory (Newsletter of the Institute for Anarchist Studies)

    Poems-for-All Archives ("Small poems in small booklets half the size of a business card")

    Poor Magazine ; a voice for people "dealing with issues of poverty"

    Processed World (The magazine for dissident workers; last issue: Winter 2004/05)

    The Progressive ("Published since 1909")

    Progressive Review ("On the case since 1966")

    Punk Planet (Punk rock, politics, and d-i-y; ceased publication 2007)

    Race Traitor

    Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly

    Ragged Edge Online (From the folks who brought us Disability Rag)

    The Ram's Horn (Confronting the agribusiness status quo, whether genetically engineered food, recombinant bovine growth hormone, or Third World opportunism)

    Raw Vision ("International journal of intuitive and visionary art")

    Red Pepper (British "voice for the homeless left"; note recent cover story on "Gulag USA")

    Residents' Journal (A publication for and by Chicago public housing residents) Resurgence ("At the heart of earth, art and spirit") [New]

    Rethinking Schools

    Said It ("Feminist news, culture, and politics")

    Satya ("A monthly magazine of vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal advocacy, and social justice")

    SchNEWS ; weekly coverage of dissent in the UK

    The Shadow ("The underground newspaper of New York's Lower East Side")

    Slingshot ("Quarterly, independent, radical, newspaper published in the East Bay since 1988")

    Socialist Review (UK-based monthly)

    Spacing ("Covering Toronto's urban landscape"-- of interest to city dwellers everywhere)

    Squall (radical British mag)

    Storm Warning (Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist)

    Street Spirit ("Justice News & Homeless Blues in the Bay Area")

    The Sun ("A magazine of ideas")

    Taking Children Seriously (SCOPE: Non-coercive child-rearing and education; was a magazine, now a blog, it seems)

    Talking Leaves ("Global journal of spiritual ecology and activism")

    TapeOp ("The creative music recording magazine")

    This Magazine ("Because everything is political")

    Thunderbear ("Behind the scenes of American public land management")

    Toward Freedom (Bimonthly "progressive perspective on world events")

    Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

    Truthseeker ("The journal of independent thought")

    Urban Ecology Update

    War Times (covering militarism and the so-called war on terrorism)

    Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (includes searchable back issues)

    Whole Earth (includes "A Sampling of Articles from the Spring 2003 Issue" --never published in paper)

    Workers Solidarity (Irish Anarchist paper)

    Workers' World (Socialist weekly)

    Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures

    Z Magazine (archive of articles)

    Zeek ("A Jewish journal of thought and culture")

    See also the Alternative Press Index's large directory of "alternative & radical publications online," New Pages links to Alternative Periodicals and the University of Wisconsin Women's Studies Librarian's Women-focused magazines and newsletters on the Web

    Some zines

    Zines on the web --a starter list...


    AK Distribution (radical literature, spoken word recordings)

    African Books Collective ("Books from 42 African publishers")

    Blowfish (Specializing in sex-positive books, magazines, comics, videos, and "products to enhance your sex life")

    Califia Books (fine press and artists' books, wee books, broadsides)

    Consortium Book Sales & Distribution (independent presses)

    Good Vibrations (focus: sexuality; a women-run business)

    Independent Publishers Group

    Last Gasp ("Mind candy for the masses")

    Oyate (books, music, and videos by Native people--as well as analysis of "books to avoid")

    Printed Matter (Nonprofit disseminator of artists' publications--focusing on the inexpensive and zine-like as opposed to precious "book objects")

    Publishers Group West ("The largest exclusive distributor of independent publishers in North America")

    Quimby's ("Unusual publications, aberrant periodicals...zines")

    Resources for Independent Thinking (distributor of books & tapes for critical thinkers, skeptics, anarchists, libertarians, feminists, and humanists)

    Small Press Distribution ("Poetry, fiction & cultural writing")

    Women, Ink (Focus: books on women and development)


    Some film and video distributors

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