Some notable film and video sources

Arab Film Distribution (focus: "the Arab world in North America")

California Newsreel (African and African-American videos)

[Burden of Dreams poster] Cinema Guild (indie film and video distributor)

Filmmakers Library (documentary videos)

First Run/Icarus Films (Documentary film distributor)

Flower Films (Les Blank); streamed video clips of Blank's films, including Burden of Dreams

Janus Films

Kino International

Native American Publication Telecommunication (videos & radio)

New Day Films (Focus: community activism, politics, social justice)

Paper Tiger Television

Richard Cohen Films (Independent films about human rights issues: homelessness, psychiatric abuse, police accountability)

Shenandoah Film Productions (Producers and distributors of Native American videos)

SubCine (Independent Latino Film and Video)

Third World Newsreel

Video Project ("Media for a safe & sustainable world")

Whispered Media ("A video activist collective"; documentaries on grassroots organizing campaigns)

Women Make Movies

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