This page is cobbled together by Chris Dodge, as a way to organize what I've been reading and watching and photographing, to publish descriptions of some places I've traveled and mental traveling, to list links to spiritual kin & inspirations, and compile a few quotations .

[Stairs in the mist] Iraq solidarity: Baghdad Burning .. BRussells Tribunal .. Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation .. Iraq Occupation Focus .. Solidarity for an Independent and Unified Iraq .. Stop the War Coalition .. Voices in the Wilderness UK

What is new on this site? [New]

Alternative media: Independent & non-corporate publishers, magazines, video producers, distributors

Zines: Resources for unhomogenized self-expression; including specific titles and a zineography

Comics: "They'll rot your mind!"


Radical librarians and infoshops .. Alternative library collections

Ethnic pages & directories: Color in a world too often seen as being black & white

Peace and justice: Directories, meta-sites, news, documents

Surrealism, radical art, wordplay & misc.: "Business as Unusual"

Henry David Thoreau ("There is no remedy for love but to love more") .. Thoreau Today [New]

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Updated April 16, 2009. New green thistles.

[Let me think for you]
Let me think for you.

[Think for yourself]
Think for yourself.

"I can't have information I know would be of interest to someone and not share it." --Sandy Berman