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    Articles, interviews, etc.

    "Knowledge for Sale: Are America's public libraries on the verge of losing their way?"

    Collection Building by the Seat of Your Pants

    "Keeping Anarchy in Order" (article about Julie Herrada and the Labadie Collection, Michigan Today, Spring 2002)

    "Out of the Stacks, Into the Streets" (Erica Sagrans, College Hill Independent, March 6, 2003)

    "Shaking Things Up: Progressive and Radical Librarians" (Jessamyn West piece in Ex Libris #77)

    "Why Being a Librarian is a Radical Choice" (Naomi Klein speech)


    Librarianactivist.org ("Librarians' responses to social and political issues")


    Organizations, directories, etc.

    American Indian Library Association

    Progressive Librarians Guild

    Progressive Librarians Around the World ; a directory

    SRRT (The American Library Association's Social Responsibilities Round Table); includes Alternatives in Publication Task Force and Feminist Task Force (with reviews from past issues of Women in Libraries); Hunger, Homelessness & Poverty Task Force


    Revolting Librarians (selections from the 1972 book edited by Celeste West and Elizabeth Katz)

    Revolting Librarians Redux (info about the new book)


    Library Juice (library-related news, web site alerts, letters, documents-in-process, etc., with an activist focus)

    MSRRT Newsletter: Library Alternatives (1986-2000; for activist librarians & others)

    New Breed Librarian (archive dating Feb. 2001-Aug. 2002)


    Anarchist librarians; not an oxymoron...

    Electric Sandy ("The Sanford Berman website")

    Librarians Against Bush

    Librarians for Peace

    The Modified Librarian (Eek! A librarian! Pierced, tattooed, and scarred library workers), The Bellydancing Librarian and a few more Tattooed Librarians (the latter from Jessamyn West)

    Radical Reference

    Renegade Librarian (includes links to special collections: comics, radicalism, lesbigay, etc.)

    SOL-PLUS (Spanish in Our Libraries, an excellent newsletter connecting librarians who serve Spanish speakers, and Public Libraries Using Spanish, a web site of related resources)

    Librarians naked under their clothing

    Some radical library collections


    Infoshop.org ("Your guide to online anarchy " -- formerly known as Middle Atlantic Infoshop) including Infoshops (articles, directories, links)

    Infoshops Network (international links, news, etc.)

    "Street Libraries: Infoshops & Alternative Reading Rooms" (first published in American Libraries)

    "The Infoshop as a Community Information Resource" (Autumn Winters, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, School of Information and Library Science)

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