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When this page was started in the late nineties, there were zines (printed on paper), e-zines (electronic publications created in the same spirit that drives zine-making), and websites that acted as an online presence for paper zines. This page was devoted to links to some sites from the latter two categories.

Things have changed since then. The links below, mostly dating from that time, now connect chiefly to archival pages and inactive (but still extant) sites, as well as contemporary blogs written by the people who used to do zines and information about books based on defunct zines and e-zines, but no longer to the personal pages and curriculum vitae of queer, punk kids who've become academics (hello, Donny, Mimi, et al.). Updated most recently on 27 February 2008.

American Newspeak ("Weekly satirical e-zine celebrating...1990's...doublespeak ...scavenged from...our finer newspapers")

Anything That Moves (Bisexuals with attitude!)

Bad Subjects ("Political education for everyday life")

Bamboo Girl (includes Asian, queer, hapa, and Filipino links)

Before the Mortgage

Book Happy (Diane Kossy's zine devoted to out-of-print biblioddities)

Brillo Feminist ezine with links to Barbie Liberation Organization, progressive & ethnic pages, etc.

Cafe Compendium (includes excerpts from Ladies Fetish and Taboo Society Compendium of Urban Anthropology, "weird tour" of Houston, etc.)

[Cover of Stephen Duncombe's _Notes from Underground_] The Carbon Based Mistake

The Constant Rider ("Stories from the public transportation front")

Contraband ("Short fiction, political essays, poetry, artwork, & satire")


The Door Satirizing "the less flattering aspects of [Christianity]"

Dream Whip (Writings about overlooked places, from laundromats to abandoned buildings)

East Village Inky ("Zine for mothers, travellers, once and future East Villagers...")

Eat the State Weekly forum for "anti-authoritarian political opinion, research, and humor"

The Ethical Spectacle (civil rights, politics, and mucho mas)

Fat! So? "For people who don't apologize for their size"

Feminista (feminist online journal of "art, social commentary, philosophy, wit, humor and respect")

Flaneur ("The impassioned ramblings of ruminative urban dwellers")

Found Magazine (Focus: found objects, found writings, found art, and faux found)

Geekgirl Australian cyberfeminism...

The Global Game ("A football monthly" - providing articulate commentary on soccer)

The Glovebox Chronicles (personal stories of people and cars)

Guinea Pig Zero ("A journal for human research subjects")

h2s04 ("Dedicated to provoking thought on politics & philosophy, art & love")

Harbinger (CrimethInc. screeds on alienation, freedom, and "revolution in everyday life")

HipMama ("The Parenting Zine" makes mothering seem fun)

Holy Temple of Mass Consumption --SubGenius..."articles, opinions, reviews, and artwork of a loosely-defined collection of cranks, weirdos, freaks, net.personalities, curmudgeons..."

Holy Titclamps Larry-Bob's incomparable queerzine

Inconspicuous Consumption --Web version of Beer Frame, reviewing--often hilariously--overlooked and underappreciated consumer products. Sauerkraut juice anyone?

[Cover of _Beer Frame_] Infiltration ("The zine about going places you're not supposed to go")

Inquisitor (commentary on media, art, culture & technology by Danny Drennan--yet another zine editor with a book: The New York diaries)

Interracial Voice "Serving the mixed-race/interracial community in cyberspace"


Kiss Machine ("A conga line of arts & culture")

Leeking Ink (Davida Gypsy Breier's perzine; formerly titled Slow Leek)

Little Free Press (Ernest Mann, R.I.P.)

loud paper ("Dedicated to increasing the volume of architectural discourse")

Loving More Magazine Covers "relationship options including group marriage, open dyads, intimate networks, and expanded families"

Lumpen (antiauthoritarian politics and satire)

Macaroni (John Toren's writings about travel, food, books, films, and philosophy)

Monozine ("anti-medical magazine" compiling firsthand accounts of illness and dealing with the medical industry)

Moonlight Chronicles [New]

Morbid Curiosity ("True, first-person accounts of unusual experiences")

Mouth; a take-no-prisoners advocate for disability rights

[Cover of _Nancy's Magazine_] Musea (Monthly newsletter tracking "corporate art and media conglomerate weasels")

My Evil Twin Sister (Amber Gayle and Stacey Wakefield's wonderful productions)

Mystery Date (Fascinated by old home ec and sex ed books? This is for you.)

Oblivion (youth rights, countering age restrictions & curfews)

Paper, Scissors, Clocks (Erik Farseth's omnizine)

Out Your Backdoor ("A catazeen of homegrown adventure & culture")

Plotz (Focusing on "what it's like to be a modern day Jewish girl")

Pocho Chicano satire...

Poor Magazine Writing and art pertaining to "people suffering from class, race, and gender oppressions"

Progressive Review; iconoclastic political commentary from Washington, DC

Reflection's Edge ("The e-zine for thoughtful readers and writers)

ROCKRGRL (For and about women rock musicians)

Salt (zine with a different focus each issue, from pirates to cowboys)

Shouting At the Postman (includes interview with Ashley Parker Owens, mail art links, zine reviews)

Snowbound (Eclectic Finnish-American zine that is "part literary journal, part ice hockey fanzine, and part Nordic-Baltic music review")

Stay Free (Cultural criticism, media coverage, reviews)

Thoughtworm (Sean Stewart's zine reviews, personal essays, short book reviews, etc.)

Thrift Score (Al Hoff's "zine about the fun of too much thrifting")

Two Eyes (English and Bangla zine edited by Stephanie McMillan and Shapon Majhi)

Umbrella (Mail art news and reviews of artists' books)

The Vocabula Review (Monthly web-based "journal about the state of the English language") [New]

Working For the Man ("Humorously explores the horrors and absurdities of the workplace")


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