Minnesota Zine Manifesto


Concocted on the occasion of the Twin Cities Anarchist Book Fair, Sunday, April 28, 2002

Seven Questions for Zine Publishers:

Why publish a zine, anyway?
Is it really worth the paper itís printed on?
Has someone already said it better?
Who are your readers?
What is the benefit?
How much time are you going to spend on it when you could be doing something more joyful--or more useful?
Are you prepared for paper cuts, staple wounds, mean-spirited criticism (or a complete lack of reaction to your zine), paper cuts of the lips and tongue, misunderstanding, the possibility that in two years your own words will seem foolish?

Ten Commandments of Zines:

Be legible.
Pay attention.
Consider aesthetics.
Rewrite and edit, then edit again.
Get a second opinion, or more than one.
Small format is beautiful--small print is not.
Write so honestly youíre leery of sharing it with anyone.
Screw letters to the editor--let them do their own zine.
Minimize tape and stickers and staples. Those who insist on doubling up and placing stickers over staples shall be cursed.
Be yourself even if it means breaking the other rules.

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