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A Room with a View, EM Forster's novel set in Italy and England about a young girl and her struggles with her family, society and her own desires. Very funny in parts, romantic and beautifully written. You can't like Forster and not read this book! A Passage to India. This novel set in India during the British Raj follows the story of Dr Aziz who is wrongly accused of assulting an English woman. This book goes beyond a mystery however - can Indian and English men be friends? Howards End, a probe into the class struggle, love and the English character woven together by one house - Howards End. Good characters and a strong plot make this another great read. Where Angels Fear to Tread. When Lila Herriton announces that she is to marry an unknown Italian, it outrages her late husbands family. Can the Herritons sort out the mess? Maurice is the story of a young Englishman who is trying to accept his homosexuality. A commentary on the times as with all of Forster's work, this book is a love story with a happy ending, and a very good novel. The Longest Journey is the story of sensitive Rickie Elliot who falls for Agnes Pembroke while at Cambridge university. Rickie is a likeable character and the book is well worth reading. Aspects of the Novel is a collection of lectures given by EM Forster on the subject of literature.
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