Literary Greats of the 20th Century

Recently, Penguin, in association with The Guardian newspaper published a special supplement on books of the century (The Guardian, 15th September 200). The centre page spread listed one hundred great novels of the 20th Century. EM Forsterís books appeared several times as summarised below with the ten highest ranked novels.

100 Greats

The literary giants of the last century; they provoke ideas, thought, tears, laughter, excitement, even social revolutions...

1. Jack Kerouc: On The Road

2. Arthur Miller: Death of a Salesman

3. Anthony Burgess: A Clockwork Orange

4. Jean Rhys: Wide Sargasso Sea

5. George Orwell: Animal Farm

6. Arthur Miller: The Crucible

7. EM Forster: A Room With A View

8. Albert Camus: The Outsider

9. James Joyce: Dubliners

10. Tennessee Williams: A Streetcar Named Desire

Forsterís novels and what was said about them...

A Room With A View

Position: No. 7

Category: Travel/Location and Humour/Satire

Comments: A Victorian set social comedy about the ďundeveloped heartĒ of the English middle classes and the English abroad; propriety versus spontaneity. Sharply ironic.

A Passage To India

Position: No. 18

Category: Travel/Location and Crime/Mystery

Comments: Lavishly capturing India during the Raj. Forsterís drama is as memorable and breathtaking as the country itself. Adelaís cave incident leads to Dr Azizís ugly ordeal.

Where Angels Fear To Tread

Position: No. 65

Category: Humour/Satire and Romance/Sexuality

Comments: Told with a sympathy, a lightness, a grace of touch and a radiant atmosphere of humour, Forsterís first novel shows his now characteristic mastery of dialogue and character.

List of Works