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EM Forster-related links

Websites and biographical pages

Aspects of EM Forster - General EM Forster site including photographs. Shares a message board and chatroom with this site.

Only Connect - another website all about EM Forster.

Edward Morgan Forster (1879 - 1970) - biography and bibliography

The Wonderful Novelist EM Forster - biographical information

Encyclopedia entry for EM Forster - biographical information

Rooksnest House - A page showing the house EM Forster lived in as a child.

EM Forster - A page on Forster at the Classic Gay Literati website.

EM Forster Portrait - Portrait of EM Forster by Dora Carrington.


A View of EM Forster - article on Forster

EM Forster and the pursuit of higher values - an essay on Forster

Connecting with EM Forster - an essay on Forster

Specific texts and study aids

EM Forster's Howards End Webpage discussing the novel.

A Room with a View Homepage - a site all about the book and film.

Howards End - an interesting site about the novel.

Rebecca's Howards End Page - another site about the novel.

EducETH page on EM Forster - With synopsis of some novels and teachers and pupils comments.

Creative Quotations from EM Forster - A handful of quotes on different themes.

Howards End - Kingswood College Library site on Howards End. Lots of resources for studying the text.

A Room With A View - A book review from the Compulsive Reader site Classics Corner.

Online Novels

A Room with a View

Howards End

The Longest Journey

Where Angels Fear to Tread

The Machine Stops - a short story by Forster.

The Online Books Page - an index of all the novels that can be found on the net.

Actor/Film Links

Merchant Ivory Homepage

Howards End Movie Photo Gallery

Where Angels Fear to Tread An online film review at The Tech online news service.

Julian Sands

Hugh Grant

Emma Thompson

Helena Bonham Carter

Rupert Graves

Daniel Day Lewis

Dame Judi Dench

Sir Alec Guiness

Saeed Jaffrey

Jemma Redgrave

Ben Kingsley

Other Related Sites

The Compulsive Reader - A literary site with reviews and links for modern and classic writers and novels.

Britten Archive Home Page - a site on Benjamin Britten

Benjamin Britten - another website about Britten

British and Irish authors on the Web - an index of where to find author sites and information.

British Literature and Anglophile Resourses

The Florence Art Guide - a good site in English about the city Forster wrote of in A Room with a View

Greek and Roman Mythalogical Gods - a table of who's who.

Internet Classics Archive

The Perseus Project

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