In the first chapter of The Longest Journey, we read that Richie has read Theocritis this morning "whom he believed to be the greatest of Greek poets."

Theocritis was born about 310 B.C. in Sicily and died later than 270 B.C. He lived and worked in the island of Cos and in Alexandria. Most of his poems are named 'eidyllia' (idylls). His favourite subject is the life of the rustics - their work, love-troubles, pleasures and quarrels. Though Theocritis has much realism, he nevertheless heightens and sophisticates the charm of rural life.
No wide domain, nor golden treasure,
Nor speed like wind across the lea,
I pray for: here I find my pleasure,
In this cliff-shade embracing thee,
My grazing sheep to watch at leisure,
And sing to yon Sicilian sea.

This was adapted from The Writers of Greece and Rome by Norwood and Wight Duff

Phaethon and Per-whatsidy

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