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16th October 1999

I've added a few new links to the Links page.

6th October 1999

The Book of the Month for October went up today, along with the Book of the Month archive, which will categorize all the Book of the Month features.

18th September 1999

I've added a couple of new links to the links page, including a picture of Rooksnest house which is also linked to on the article Rooksnest. I've also posted news of the new site address and banner. I've also added the site to a couple of banner exchanges.

14th September 1999

There's another regular addition to the site; the new column Forster's Room by Rachel. The first ever column contains a double-bill of reviews on the novel A Room with a View and the short story The Other Side of the Hedge.

6th September 1999

I've added a new, regular feature called Book of the Month. This is my review of a non-Forster novel. Also a part of the Bookshop. Take a look.

2nd September 1999

I have added a site map to make it easier to navigate the site if your browser doesn't like my tables.

28th August 1999

I have added a new, detailed bibliography to the List of Works page.

21st August 1999

I've added lots and lots of EM Forster-related links to the links page. This includes other sites, essays and biographies.

14th August 1999

I've added a new article to the biography page. Rooksnest is an account by EM Forster of his childhood home, written at various stages of his life. Enjoy.

1st August 1999

I've added two new Howards End reviews to the film review page.

28th July 1999

I have re-done the List of Works page. It is now more accurate, contains more information, and fewer spelling mistakes!

25th July 1999

I've added Apollo to the P&P? page, added another film review (ARWAV again), and constructed the updates archive.

13th July 1999

I've added a new film review section to the Film Page. Two new reviews up.

6th July 1999

Added Medea to the Phaethon and Per-whatsidy? page.

20th June 1999

I've redesigned the Bookshop page. Go and have a look!

8th June 1999

There's a couple of new links on the links page.

26th May 1999

I've started a new EM Forster Message Board. If you've got something to say - go there!

23rd May 1999

I've added a navigation bar to the main pages of the site to make moving around possible without having to go back to the home page each time.

13th May 1999

Added the story of Phaethon to the Phaethon and Per-whatsidy? Page.

1st May 1999

The new bookshop page went up today. Go there to purchase the Forster novels online.

30th April 1999

There's a few new links, and I've added a second image gallery to the Film Page.

Sun 18th April 1999

I've moved the webrings to their own page.

Fri 16th April 1999

This time it was the film page that was updated. Check out the new image gallery and facts page.

Fri 9th April 1999

The new improved links page was added, with lots more links and categories to make it easier. Also, the new re-designed main page.

Tues 30th March 1999

Added Aeneas and Persephone to the Phaethon and Perwhatsidy page, added Readers webring.

Sat 27th March 1999

Added Guestbook, Writer's Realm webring.

Sun 14th March 1999

Added links page, Phaethon and Perwhatsidy? page

Sun 13th March 1999

Added main menu, film page and updates. page


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