This page shows the latest updates to A Passage through Forster. For previous updates, see the Updates Archive.

9th July 2002

I've added a new article to the site, and editorial on film adaptions, that is part of the films section. Take a look.

25th June 2002

Since it's been several millenia since I last updated, I thought it was time to check in. I've added a new navigation bar to the main pages on the site, which is a bit better than the old one. I've also tidied up a bit here and there. Some bigger changes coming soon...

8th December 2001

I have finally updated the Biography page, and this time the index page links to the right version! The updated biography has been annotated (by myself) to provide a little extra information about the terms therein.

6th December 2001

Okay, this Reading 'Month' may actually contine for the entire of advent if I don't get a move on. Article two is now posted, and a new link on links page, and in the Anthology. Reading Month Article Two

31st March 2001

I have finally pulled out my finger to do something for the site, and am presenting the Forster-related articles I have been collecting from around the web in the form of a Reading Month. There will be a series of these articles, posted over the following weeks, in the buildup to Christmas. Please enjoy them and feel free to comment on them. Reading Month Article One

31st March 2001

There is a brand new message board to follow the sad demise of the old one. I hope that you continue to use it as a forum for discussion and meeting fellow enthusiasts. It is the creation of my fellow Forster webmaster, Heiko, over at Aspects of EM Forster and continues to be shared between his site and mine. So the new URL of the EM Forster message board is http://emforster.de/hypertext/boardPTF.php3.

19th February 2001

I've rearranged a few buttons on the home page, same links - just different positions.

19th February 2001

Just a tidy of the links page plus a few new links. Two new online film reviews on the film page.

13th January 2001

Happy New Year! What better way to start this new annum than with a fresh new look? The film page has had an early spring clean, so go and have a look!

22nd October 2000

Added another article from 'Abinger Harvest' that you can find on the Works page, entitled 'Trooper Silas Tomkyn Comberbacke'. Many thanks to JVB for his time and effort.

17th September 2000

There is a new article about the 100 Great novels of the 20th Century in which Forster appears three times on the Works page. I have also renamed the Book of the Month feature Recommended Reading. It will continue to be updated when possible, 'Book of the Month' was just becoming an increasingly inaccurate title.

7th September 2000

I've added the few Forster essays from around the web to the Anthology of Articles. Let me know of any I've missed. Plus a general clean up.

26th August 2000

A new article, an interview with Julain Sands, can now be found on the film page. I've also added an Anthology of Articles, that catalogues all the various articles and pieces that can be found on A Passage through Forster.

8th July 2000

A new Chat Room has been opened. It is actually a link to the chat room on another EM Forster site. Hopefully it will provide a live forum for fans to discuss Forster and his work. Enjoy!

23rd April 2000

Today I've added a new article to the Apects of the Reader page entitled Questionnaire concerning EM Forster. This is actually a the results of a questionnaire that was put to our columnist, Rachel. I've also changed a few backgrounds and updated the Site Map.

1st April 2000

Happy April Fools! I can't quite believe it is April already. Anyway, new today are two more film reviews, finally one for A Passage to India!

30th March 2000

March's Book of the Month is up. This month, 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff.

13th March 2000

Finally managed to get the new look home page sorted out. All the links are still there, but descriptions of each page are now just on the Site Map.

24th January 2000

Added the January book of the month - Miss Pym Disposes by Josephine Tey.

2nd January 2000

Well, welcome to a new year, a new century and a new millenium. The first update in this new beginning is an article in Apects of the Readers. Written by Noel Purdon, it describes a real life encounter with EM Forster and is entitled, I Killed EM Forster: An Author Confesses. I am aware that I missed the December Book of the Month through severe lack of time, but will be back soon with January's offering.

8th December 1999

I've added a new article by EM Forster called Mrs Abbey's Difficulties to the List of Works page.

18th November 1999

A wee bit late this one, but the November book of the month is now up. This month, Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons.