List of Works

"I have not written as much as I'd like to... I write for two reasons: partly to make money and partly to win the respect of people whom I respect... I had better add that I am quite sure I am not a great novelist."

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Read Mrs Abbey's Difficulties online HERE. A short essay from Abinger Harvest.

Read Trooper Silas Tomkyn Comberbacke online HERE. A short essay from Abinger Harvest.

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Where Angels Fear To Tread (1905)

The Longest Journey (1907)

A Room With A View (1908)

Howards End (1910)

A Passage to India (1924)

Maurice (1971 - published posthumously)


The Hill of Devi

Abinger Harvest


Aspects of the Novel

with Eric Crozier, the libretto for Britten's opera, Billy Budd.


Godsworthy Lowes Dickenson

Marianne Thornton, A Domestic Biography

Short Stories

The Celestial Omnibus (1911)

The Eternal Moment (1928)

These were combined together in

Collected Short Stories (1947)

and consisted of;

The Story of A Panic

The Other Side Of The Hedge

The Celestial Omnibus

Other Kingdom

The Curate's Friend

The Road From Colonus

The Machine Stops

The Point Of It

Mr Andrews


The Story Of The Siren

The Eternal Moment

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