I have found that friends who live a thousand miles away,
Have added color to my life in written words they say.
They always show more interest, than friends along the street,
Who do not know my thoughts at all, though many times we meet.
I would not trade this priceless gift, for anything on earth,
Because through correspondence,
I have found what friends are worth.

...Author unknown

Ages 30 to 39

Email: bailey01@frontiernet.net

Comments: I am 30 years old and have 2 boys and a husband of 12 years of marriage. I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for 2 years. I need people to talk to.

February 13, 2001

Chuck, 30

From: Cincinnati, Ohio

Email: ChuckNotCharlie@cs.com

Interests: My interests include music (classical, jazz, pop). I have a B. A. in Art History. I work at a local florist and have somewhat of a green thumb. I also like learning about distant places; so even people from far away are welcome to email me.

Comments: I have been coping with Mental Illness for 10 years. I found your webpage after my counselor suggested that I search for chat rooms, etc., on the Internet. I have OCD and Panic Attacks. I recently have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I am using the Internet to help me overcome some of my fears. I am able to function professionally but my personal life is a mess. I am so afraid of people that it is difficult for me to meet new people. I am 30 years old and have only dated people twice. I don't want to be lonely anymore. I am so shy that it took me a year to muster up the courage to even try to meet people online via chat rooms. I would love to exchange emails with anyone. I love to meet new people but it is so hard.

From: Ontario, Canada
Email: cjbisco@ntl.sympatico.ca
Web Site: http://www.nt.net/~cjbisco

Hobbies: Computer

From: Ohio, USA
Email: CCams28@aol.com

Hobbies: Love to read, write letters, spend time on AOL and my computer, my soap operas (Guiding Light & Melrose) and spending time with my friends and family.

Comments: I have suffered from panic attacks off and on for 10 years.At one point was even housebound. I'm proof that you can get through this and conquer the fear. Would love to share and help others in any way I could. With patience, strength and support you can beat this.

DEBBIE, 30ish
From: Canada
Email: dl_sesula@bc.sympatico.ca

Hobbies: Photography, calligraphy, hiking

Comments: Looking to chat to anyone about anything. "A mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open."

Monique, 31

From: Ohio


Comments: I have been suffering from panic disorder and agoraphobia ever since I was 18. I have had many ups and downs with this. I would really love to have someone to talk to that understands.

I take paxil and xanax, It seems to help at times but I still have very uncomfortable times. If you are looking for someone who will listen and totally understands please e-mail me, I promise to answer.


From: Pittsburgh, PA.

Email: Dlnaim@aol.com

Comments: I have suffered from anxiety for eleven years. Recently my attacks have progressed into agoraphobia. I have been housebound since February and would appreciate talking with others with a similar background to share in support.

I am a mother of two. A girl 8 and a boy 7. I am divorced but am engaged to a wonderful man who adores myself and my two children. He is very supportive which helps tremendously.

I am currently receiving treatment from a psychologist, but I have been offered to participate in research study on agoraphobia. I cannot decide if this is a good idea. I look forward to hearing from someone in the near future.

Toni, 31, Female
From: Indiana
Email: Stephi@aol.com

Comments: I am looking for pen pals who suffer from panic/anxiety as I do. I have suffered from anxiety and panic for years. I am single.
One of the main causes of my panic is my phobia of thunderstorms. I am presently on anti-anxiety medication. Would love to hear from anyone interested in being pen pals.

AC, 31

From: Scotland, GB.

Email: stillfighting@hotmail.com

Comments: I am a male who suffers from social anxiety. I would like to try and make a friend who I can "talk" to. I am fed up suffering in silence.I need someone to accept me for what I am.

Ingrid, 32
From: Keerbergen, Belgium
Email: jp.komac@skynet.be

Comments: I am married and we have a lovely 2 year old girl. We live in Keerbergen, a friendly village 20 miles from Brussels, together with our three cats and golden retriever.
I am studying psychology at home and on the web.
I have had panic disorder and agoraphobia for ten years - the last four of which I have never left home alone.

I noticed through reading other pen-friends' comments that every person who suffers from anxiety is trying to find his own way through this labyrinth, and I hope that one day we'll all find the exit. It will be a lot easier if we can help each other.


From: North Dakota

Email: sunnee@pop.ctctel.com


Comments: I have had panic disorder and agoraphobia for many years. Am recently divorced after 10+ years of marriage and have two wonderful kids, an 11 yr old boy and 9 yr old girl, who live with their mother but spend a lot of time with me. I lost my oldest son in a car accident last year, which has been difficult.

I was completely housebound at one point but have made much progress and now get out on occasion. I work from my home publishing two internet newsletters and working on my website. I enjoy what I do and my life very much but it does get lonely living alone with panic, since it's hard to make friends.

I enjoy a wide variety of music, movies, spending time with my kids, laughing, computers, cold weather, sports and more. I used to travel all over the country for my job. Through everything I count my blessings every day. I could use some friends and have a good ear too. Feel free to email me anytime.

From: Quebec, Canada
Email: sourire@colba.net

ROSE, 32
From: New Jersey, USA
Email: Lechok@aol.com

Hobbies: My animals (two yorkies, one cat and a parrot), arts and crafts, my computer, etc.

Comments: I work full time as a paralegal and I attend school part-time.

Dawn, 33

Email: mamita4ti@aol.com.

Comments: I have suffered from separation anxiety, panic disorder and depression at times. It has affected so many aspects of my life. I have not been able to leave the town that I live in since 1986. I am separated and have a 14 year old daughter. My boyfriend loves to travel and it seems impossible for me to get up the nerve to go out of town.

It is a battle every day just for me to drive to work. Alot of times I get halfway there and look for excuses to turn around and go home. I feel safest when I am within the confines of my own home. I want to lead a normal and enjoyable life so bad.

My daughter has juvenile diabetes and has been hospitalized 4 times in 8 months. This has been an additional stress for me. I would like to correspond with anyone who has faced anxiety disorders.

Steven, 33

From:Toronto, Canada

Email: stevetoronto32@hotmail.com

Hobbies: Dining/Reading/Massage/Walking/Swimming/Sunbathing/Current Events

Comments: I am a completely functional, good looking business professional in the Toronto area with a successful career. Despite this fact, in the past year or so, I've begun experiencing generalized anxiety, infrequent panic attacks and off and on mild obsession.

I am certain that these conditions developed because of the stress and pace of my work. I'm seeing a wonderful counsellor and 2 weeks ago, at his recommendation, I started to take Zoloft. The Zoloft made a difference and I started feeling considerably better; however, I unfortunately had an allergic reaction to the medication and developed a terrible body rash and, consequently, I've had to discontinue the Zoloft.

I'm debating whether to try a different medication or whether I should try to kick this problem through natural means (i.e. relaxation techniques/herbs/massage/meditation, etc.)

Any feedback would be appreciated and it would be great to meet and correspond with others in the Toronto area who can relate.

Melinda, 33
From: Ohio, USA

Hobbies: Computers, books, music

Comments: Single parent of 3 kids - 2 of which are physically and/or mentally handicapped. I am looking for a penpal/friend.

From: Mississippi, USA
Email: bez33@hotmail.com

Comments: I am married with 4 children. I am an RN, but have been staying at home with babies for several years. I have suffered from depression and panic attacks since I was 16, at least. I would like to communicate with someone like myself about how they are dealing with daily life with this disorder.

April 6, 2001

Kim, 34

From: Moncton, New Brunswick

Email: kcollicott@hotmail.com

Interests: I enjoy reading, exercising, cross-stitching, cooking, and walking.

Comments: "I have been suffering from panic attacks for about 8 months and would like to communicate with others who understand what I am going through. I am 34 and I am working as an IT developer (no stress there, eh?). I would love to hear from others, in order to offer support and help with this. Kim - "

From: Michigan, USA
Email: dmcma29304@aol.com

Hobbies: Genealogy, working on anxiety support group and computers

Comments: Run local anxiety support group. Will be willing to share any info I can.

Jim, 34
From: Mississippi, USA
Email: JDWinston@aol.com

Hobbies: Teaching (my occupation also), music (playing the keyboard and listening to all types of music), and computers (especially surfing the net.



Email: karen_s20@hotmail.com

Comments: I have been suffering with panic anxiety since I was 18. They went away for a few years, but now there back mostly when I am alone .I really dont have a good support system. I am looking for pen pals to talk with. I live in Alaska and will answer all e-mails. Thanks.

KIM, 35
From: Vancouver, Washington, USA
Email: kim@fuligin.com

Hobbies: I enjoy volunteering at the school. I also enjoy reading, drawing and sometimes cross-stitching.

Comments: I am agoraphobic and am proud that I can spend time outside the home...it may not be far but at least I'm out. I like being a housewife and have learned (am still learning) not to feel guilty about it.

March 23, 2001

Sandy, 35

Email: Sandyalexq@aol.com

Comments: I have been suffering with panic attacks, depression etc. for the past 11.5 years. My disorder started after the birth of my daughter. I guess that my chemicals never went back into place.. In any case I have been under the care of a psychiatrist and a psychologist for 11.5 years.... I have some what successfully gained some control of my life and I would like to share my stories and self help to others that may need someone to lend an ear etc...

I am a 35 year old female with a soon to be 12 year old daughter (April) I am a substitute teachers assistant to special ed. children of high school age. As anyone with any of these disorders will know that these disorders are very debilitating, frightening, EMBARRASSING and I could go on and on!!!!!

I would love to be a pen pal to all who may need one, so please feel free and COMFORTABLE to e-mail me! Sincerely, Sandy

Sheri Minnig, 35
Email: Daisymay@cyberhighway.net

Hobbies: Crafts off all kinds, sewing I love to sew,Scrapbook keeping....Alot of these things keep my mind focused on other things when I do panic....any thing to do with my hands....I also have a learning disability and is hard for me to get my G.E.D and to work......

Comments: I would love to hear and share with others about their panic disorder and what they do and how they cope with it....I have had this panic disorder for 12 but was treated for asthma. until last year...it scares me alot and does keep me from going far from home...

I have been married twice....with the first husband I had two kids. a girl who is 17, and a boy who is 15. with this marriage I am now.
My husband had three with his first marriage whom I adopted. two boys the oldest being 21 soon and is on a mission. another boy who is 19 and just graduated and a girl who is 17...then we had one together a girl age 11.....so I have three boys and three girls...

I also suffer from depression....after I hear from you out there I will write more, kids names and so on.

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