An AU set in Wyoming territory 1873 where war-weary veteran James Ellison has settled. His life changes drastically when he must take on the responsibility of raising an orphaned boy, Blair Sandburg.

. . .Where We Are To Be

How it all began

. . .What Child Is This?

A Christmas story.

. . .A Drift

Sometimes the best intentions lead to me worst results. A new father learns a lesson.

. . . Barefoot Boy

The Stones said it best, "You can't always get what you want, but if you take some time, you just might find, you get what you need."

. . . Rude Awakening

Jim comes to his senses. . .

. . .Points of View

Just a lazy Sunday afternoon. . .

. . .Brother Against Brother

Blair meets his Uncle Steven.

. . .Keepsake

Blair remembers a turning point in his life.

. . .Animal Crackers

. . .Dragons

. . .Blair tells his guardian a story from the heart.

. . .Heart Whispers

Blair gets to meet a famous man and makes an astounding discovery.

. . .Mud Pies

A very sentimental PWP.

. . .If It Doesn't Snow In Heaven, How Do they Make Snow Angels?

A Christmas gift

. . .When the Bough Breaks

The boys have to deal with bullies.

. . .Better To Give

It's Christmastime again.

. . .A picture of the Ellison ranch.

. . .So, what does Blair look like as a boy? Isabel Tan has drawn a beautiful rendering of one possibility. IMHO, a pretty acurate one. I'm happy to share it with you. Thank you so much, Isabel, for this wonderful gift.

. . .Isabel has struck again. This time it's Blair and Justin.
. . .Timeline for Western Saga


Klair and BCW are proud to present: "Our Western", Introducing two new neightbors of the Ellisons: Patrick Choate, cattle rancher, and his young ward, Justin Evers.

. . .All In the Name of Love

. . .Eggs Is Eggs

Justin is introduced to the traditions of Easter.

. . .The Cake

Justin is excited about his part in Paddy's birthday celebration.

. . .Lariats

After lessons in lasso-ing, two little boys, rope and a moo cow. Nuff said?

. . .Peaches

Lazy summer afternoon, chores are done and the boys have a few hours of freedom. What to do? What to do?

. . .Cookies

Two young master chefs creating culinary delights in a frontier kitchen. . .not!

. . .Fireworks

Fourth of July celebrations turn into an 'adventure' for our quartet.

. . .The Eyes of a Child

A four-part mini-saga dealing primarily with Paddy and Justin.

Beforewarned, BCW and I went down the angst trail on these.

. . .Reminders

Two children having fun inadvertently forget a promise that triggers explosive behavior in Patrick Choate.

. . .In Your Dreams

Little Justin has a bad dream.

. . .A Child Belongs

Paddy has a resolution in his questions about family.

. . .To Those Who Love Them

The conclusion. Paddy has to conquer his demons (real and imagined).

. . .I'll Raise You Three

The boys try their hand at a male bonding ritual.

. . .Li'l Indians

Jim is enlisted as temporary guardian while Paddy goes on a cattle drive.

. . .Cempasúchil

. . . An America/Mexican "Halloween" celebration.

. . .New Kid In Town

The inhabitants of Cascade welcome three new residents.

. . .Snow Angels

Jim and Blair share Christmas with their extended family.

. . .Choices of the Heart

Blair, Justin and Richie have adventures in an abandoned mine.

. . .Just Resting My Eyes

A little older Blair this story.

. . .Dog Day

Nemo leads Blair on a merry chase.

. . .Where the Heart Is

A threat to Blair comes from the past.

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