Awards This Site Proudly Won

An enormous thanks to all those who enjoyed my site enough to present me with these amazing Awards !
Award Count = 1 -10

Winner of the "LOLA AWARD"

"Your site has won an award for artistic merit in a Website"

Winner of the" 3 -DIAMMOND AWARD"

"Many sites have been reviewed but very few are awarded diamonds. The Cheong Thye Ming Online Gallery, has received the 3-Diamond Award"

Winner of "THE TRUE STYLE AWARD 1998"
"The True Style Award is for good quality, original web sites that are stylish and graphically interesting. Your site has been chosen to receive the True Style Award. We were impressed with the work you put into your site"

Winner of "Dylan's Awesome Art Award"
"Your site has won an award for an excellent art work

SNIN Nominee Award

Winner of the "SNIN Nominee Award"
"After viewing your site we believe what you offer at least the minimum of our Requirements of what to be a useful Service to the Internet community.This site is creative and full of content
and is easy to use, friendly and graphically pleasing ! "

Coyote's Howl Award

Winner of the "Coyote's Howl Award"
"In recogniton of your creativity and for maintaining a civilized presence on the web, you have been presented the Coyote's Howl Award"

Just for You Classy & Cool Site Award

Winner of the "Just For You Classy & Cool Site Award"
" Our visit to your site proved to be an exciting adventure!! Your html usage, quality,and artistic originality have scored you high. After careful consideration, We are pleased to present the Classy Site award to you"

Winner of the "Over The Edge Award Of Excellance"
"Very wonderful and uplifting web site. You have definitely put a great deal of effort into your site"

Winner of the "Elite Site Award"
"This award is one of the most difficult to win. It is for that reason that it is seen very infrequently. But unlike most of the applicants, your site was a winner. Congratulations!"

Winner of "The Jeff Hobrath Art Studio Web Award"
Award for excellence in web presence