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BGM Stories - Alphabetical - Monday, December 14, 1998 11:59 PM


  • Abuse : - When Garak interrupts what looks like a rape scene, Julian must come to terms with the truth and his fantasies about the tailor.

  • Across a Room : - Garak and Bashir are attending a party where costumes are demanded. Garak knows he can't resist Bashir, but can the young doctor do the same?

  • Adoration : - In the late hours of night, Garak is in prayer, and Bashir is intensely curious in knowing what his lover is doing ...

  • Alegria : - Bashir hosts a late-night dinner in celebration of Garak's birthday, but the tailor soon finds out there's a more nefarious intention behind Bashir's good will.

  • Angel's Devil, The : - Bashir is surprised when Garak shows some interests in renewing their adventure in the holosuite as spies. What is the tailor up to, exactly?

  • At the Slash Café : - What happens when you mix Karaoke and a bit O crossover lovin'? You get something that I'm still not quite sure what it means. :)



  • Cat and Mouse : - Bashir has a few tricks up his sleeves, including some on how to completely shock and surprise a certain tailor ...

  • Challengers : - Lewd, sadistic little thing where Pinhead finds an interest in Bashir, and where it is discovered that the Order acquired their sadistic reputation through the aid of 'the box'.

  • Changing, The : - Garak is going through a Pon Farr-like change, and doesn't want Bashir present lest he be in the line of fire when the tailor ... explodes. But Bashir is stubborn ...

  • Critical Surgery : - Part of small flashback-y scenes. This was the second one, where Julian thinks back on the first time he fell in love with Garak.

  • Cunning Ploy, The : - Julian is annoyed that Ziyal and Garak are together. Finally he decides to put a stop to it, and arrives at the Cardassian's quarters only to realise what Ziyal is really doing ... she has no interest in the tailor other than to kill him.

  • Cupid's Mischief : - Someone has sent Garak a multitude of roses for Valentine's day. On each card is revealed the sender, much to Julian's surprise.


  • Debriefing, The : - Vignette, script format following the Season Finale of DS9. What happens on Terok Nor between the newly re-instated Prefect and a spitfire Bajoran ...

  • Deception, The : - Bashir is flirting with Garak in the traditional Cardassian way, but Elim has to re-learn to play the game in order to succeed.

  • Dementia : - Shortly after the wire was surgically removed, Garak is still feeling out of sorts. When Bashir tries to help, the Cardassian can only lash out.

  • Destinies Entwined : - Garak, Bashir, Kira and Dax are captured by Cardassians and put into a small cell. When torture becomes more than what they can handle, they find solace in each other.

  • Drunken Revelations : - Garak and Bashir are drunk out of their minds, and revealing some things best left unsaid.

  • Dry those Tears : - Bashir is dancing between life and death, and Elim is tearing himself up inside at the prospect of loosing him.


  • Ecstasy : - A weird little piece where Bashir is initiated to the wonderful world of Cardassian group executions.

  • Evacuee : - When Garak returns from the gamma quadrant, he questions himself on whether or not he would have tortured Bashir if the young man had been in Odo's place.

  • Experimentations : - What Gagh is thinking while Garak and Bashir are having lunch in the Klingon restaurant.


  • Facades : - Bashir confronts Garak when they return from the gamma quadrant. Was the tailor really inclined to blow up a planet knowing Bashir was still on it?

  • Festive Sun : - Cardassia is enjoying rare peace and festivities during an annual celebration that brings the DS9 crew along. Bashir and Garak explore their feelings in the nuse while the others simply relax and enjoys the vacation ... in the nude. :)

  • Fire Starter : - Garak and Bashir discover the joy of Cardassian physical debate - only, it doesn't leave much room for other matters.

  • First Steps : - Odo is depressed about being a humanoid. What's more, he doesn't know how to deal with certain aspects of a solid's life. Garak decides to teach the Chief on at least one VERY important aspect ...

  • First Time ... Last Time : - (dialogue only) Being G/B isn't always flowers and roses and lusty, perfect sex. It can also be disastrous ...

  • "Fitting" Revenge, A : - A Sequel to Release of Tension. Bashir has had some time to come up with the perfect revenge ...

  • Fleurs du Mal, Les : - Another The Wire story. This time, Garak is having nightmares while Julian stands watch. Some nightmares that include an innocent young doctor.

  • Fortuitous Accident, A : - An injured hand brings Garak to the infirmary ... for more than just a wound dressing.

  • Fuck You! : - Garak is getting not only annoyed by Bashir's superior attitude on the Jem'Hadar ship, but he's also getting aroused. And seemingly nothing will stop him from acting on his instincts.

  • Future Despair : - In the alternate future, things are very different for the Alliance and rebels alike ... especially for two enemies.


  • G/B Study, A : - Q presents us with a look into what makes G/B slash just so damned appealing.

  • Glimpse of the Past, A : - Garak remembers a distant memory when Kira returns an unpexpected momento.

  • Golden Years, The : - A perspective on Garak and Bashir ... eighty years from now.


  • Hallucinations : - What happens when I write G/B until the wee hours of morning. Garak becomes alive. :)

  • Heart and Asylum : - when Julian returns from an ordeal, Garak is hesitant on how todal with the matter. Especially since he feels partl responsible.

  • Hiatus : - Vignette, script format following the Season Finale of DS9. What happens when Garak follows Julian back to Earth while the Defiant goes on a hiatus ...

  • Hot Nights : - It's cold on the station. Frightfully cold for any Cardassian. But certain ... thoughts seem to raise the temperature just beyond any comfortable threshole for Garak.


  • I Kiss you Goodnight : - Another flashback thing into Garak's life, during a night in Bajor where he meets a pleasant Bajoran servant.

  • In Cauda Venenum : - A short short, written BEFORE I saw Inferno's Light or Purgatory's Shadow. This is my assumption of what a meeting between Tain and Garak would have been like in a Dominion prison.

  • In the Beginning : - Something I began a long time ago and never quite finished. I am, however, in the process of completing it. It's about Garak and Bashir on an alien world that soon finds them perfect slave material.

  • In the Shadow of Love : - In the alternate universe, Captain Bashir is discovered to have been Gul Garak's slave before becoming a Rebel. He dreams of freedom and a better life ... and perhaps another world where he and Garak can be together without violence. *CHARACTER DEATH*

  • Innocence : - Bashir loses his memory in a freak accident. Garak and he have been lovers for a long time, but can Garak cope with the idea of starting over?

  • I, The Enemy : - Garak's conscience is bothering him, and he decides to go to Bajor to relieve some of it. Julian goes with him in an attempt to figure out some more on the mysterious tailor.



  • Let Loose : - Garak is insulted one too many times by Bashir's refusals, and decides to take on another adversary - Dax.

  • Let's Play Master and Servant : - another bondage fantasy - although this time, Garak wants it for real, and Bashir - what does he want?

  • Licentious Desires : - A Forever Knight/DS9 crossover. What happens when you turn a Cardassian into a vampire? Wondrous, bloody things.

  • Life without You : - (Sequel to Nursery Rhymes) Garak and Bashir have been married for a llong time, but Garak is hunted by his lost child. With a written farewell to Julian, Garak leaves for a new life.

  • Litany of the Damned : - Part II of the WAR ARC CONSEQUENCES Premise Garak is haunted by his own fear of becoming a true exile and forsaking his nature as Cardassian. With Ziyal gone, he now turns to an unlikely source for comfort; Dukat.

  • Love Trial : - A silly little piece of parody.

  • Lunch : Poetry.


  • Meditations on a Crimson Shadow : - Garak has lent a book to Bashir, and the young doctor is so impressed with it he begins to research Cardassian databases on who Prehok was. The results leads Julian to knock on Garak's door in the middle of the night.

  • Memories of Despair : - Set in the past and present, where Kira is bothered by the nature of one of Garak's holoprogram. A she enters the suite, she is blasted with memories of her first encounter with Garak ... during the Occupation.

  • Misled Gastronome : - Gul Garak and Intendant Kira Nerys have an arrangement ... but the good Gul is more ignorant than he'd like to think.

  • Musings : Poetry.

  • My Fantasy, or Yours? : - Another James Bond-esque story where Julian decides to rewrite the tied-up scene ...


  • Night Thoughts : - Entirely in script-format, this relates an evening of 'talking on the phone' between Garak and Bashir as they struggle to tell the other of their feelings over the comm line.


  • Obsession : - At night, Bashir receives an unexpected visitor.


  • Paradox : - Garak and Bashir find some very interesting fan fiction in old Terran databases. Very interesting, since it's about them and was written before they were even born.

  • Parting Words : - Garak is awaiting death on Cardassia, and only has Julian to console him in his final hours. *CHARACTER DEATH*

  • Passing Fantasies : - A few passing fantasies during lunch.

  • Pawns : - Garak takes advantage of Bashir's inebriated state one night to make a few suggestive remarks that draws the two men into a shaky one-night love affair.

  • Pearls of Experience : - Julian is kidnapped by a pair of maniacal Cardassians who wants revenge on Garak. When Garak is lured to them in the hopes to rescue the good doctor, something worse than death awaits him.

  • Perfectly Cardassian, Perfectly Flirting : - Ezri Dax is unsatisfied with the way Garak and Bashir have left their friendship, and is determined to do something about it.

  • PMS - Male Style : (language) - Garak and Bashir have crash-landed, and tension is running a little too high.

  • Poetic Justice : Poetry.


  • Reborn : - Terok Nor is back in the hands of the Alliance, and Gul Garak wants a piece of the action. Not to mention the delicious Rebel slave they just captured ...

  • Regrets : - It's the anniversary of Bashir's mother's death (this was before I knew, so sue me :)) and he turns to alcohol and ... Garak.

  • Release of Tension : - When Garak decides that it's high time that Bashir have a relaxing body rub, the young doctor is unsure whether or not the Infirmary is a good place to have it ...

  • Relentless : Poetry.

  • Remedy for Anxiety : - Bashir is nervous about a lecture he has to give - luckily, Garak is there to 'release' some of his anxiety.

  • Reptile : - A short short based on Trent Reznor's lyrics in Reptile.

  • Reptiles and Humans and Heat, Oh My! : - Bashir is tired of having to watch Garak and Ziyal smooch up - and decides to do something about it.

  • Risky Gamble : - Garak can't understand the meaning of gambling - a waste of time, in his opinion. But Bashir tries to convince him otherwise.


  • Shared Life : - Julian is nervous as all Hells ... but ... why exactly?

  • Showdown, The : - When Garak is accused of a murder he didn't commit intentionally, Dukat intends to pick him up for a Cardassian trial. Garak, on the other hand, will make sure he doesn't get between Dukat's slimy fingers, whatever the consequences of his actions may be.

  • Silly Frolic : - Another silly parody where Dax and Kira howl at the moon, Worf and Ziyal finds something in common, and Garak moans at Bashir's feet.

  • Slip of the Tongue : - A slip of the tongue brings out Julian and Garak's feelings for one another. The trouble now is: how to rectify their ... situation when they're in Garak's shop?

  • Solitary Dialogue : - Julian Bashir is injured, on the brink of death. All that keeps him alive is his friend, whom he speaks to relentlessly.

  • Solitude : Poetry.

  • Stardate 32699.4 : (language) - DS9's reaction to the events which unfurled in Fascination. Lots of cussing in this one.

  • Steamy Debate : - A steamy debate prompts Julian and Garak into a cat and mouse chase all over the station.

  • Subterfuge : - Bashir returns from the gamma quadrant ... but can Garak notice that something is amiss?


  • Tailor, Spy, Tease Extraordinaire : - Dialogue only - Garak decides to show Bashir the true meaning of teasing.

  • Terrible Exile, A : - Garak's end is coming. In a desperate attempt to find love, he kidnaps Julian, intent on keeping the doctor there until he can accept Garak's attentions. *CHARACTER DEATH*

  • This is the End : - When Quark is told he is about to die, he closes down the bar to quietly be by himself. Garak notes this, and decides to pay the Ferengi a visit.

  • Ties that Bind, The : - Julian is involved in an abusive relationship with Garak, and finally is almost killed when Garak rapes him and leaves him to die in his own quarters.

  • Tight Situation, A : - There's quite a crowd on the Promenade, and Bashir is startled to feel Garak doing something quite innappropriate in public.

  • Trill's Last Thrill, A : - Dax is drunk, and decides to accompany Julian to Garak's quarters in order to invite him to her Bachelor(ette?) party. Some ... er ... threesome fun ensues. :)

  • Tumbles and Falls : - Bashir graciously offers to teach Garak about skating. When seeing Garak's efforts, he decides to make it a regular activity.

  • Turnabout is Fair Play : - Set in the Order. When Garak confronts Madred on his apparant abuse of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Madred proceeds to mock the 'Son of Tain'. Garak isn't very happy about that.

  • TSU: Naughty Doctors from Outer-Space : - Or, AKA Revenge Fic gone awry.

  • Tyranny : - Aboard a shuttlecraft, Garak decides he has had enough, and blatantly rapes Julian. Upon return to the station, Bashir mulls over what he wants to do.


  • Unexpected Aphrodisiac : - Or 'What Happens When A Cardassian Sneezes'.

  • Unusual Circumstances : - The world leader of Cardassia, Haradar Nuvek, decides to pay DS9 a little visit along with his most trusted crew. And a mysterious woman re-surfaces in Garak's life ...


  • Visitor, The : - A realistic Mary-Sue written primarily for Heather's page. What happens when Sophie happens to drop in on DS9's crew ...

  • Void, The : - When both O'Brien and Bashir are killed in a shuttle-craft accident, the crew is dismayed to discover that Garak, of all people, may have a tie with the doctor beyond the threshold of death itself.

  • Voyeur, The : - The Kindred (X-Files) are back and decides to take over DS9. Marty, now a channel between the Kindred and the solid world, finds that playing with DS9's emotions is better than just simply killing them.


  • When the Toll Strikes Midnight : - It's a long night in the caves where the crew is stranded. Can Garak find a good distraction to his boredom?

  • Wavering Alliance : - When members of The True Way begin to kill people to prove a point, Garak gets cauught in the cross-fire, leaving Julian behind to contemplate his loss.

  • Where Angels fear to Tread : - Part I of the WAR ARC CONSEQUENCES Premise, this deals with Garak and Bashir as the young doctor tries to understand why Garak is rejecting his help and friendship.

  • While in Bed I | II | III | IV : - An on-going series that was created as an excuse for me to put the young J and gorgeous G in BDSM situations. These are all written from their point of view.


  • Youthful Distress : - Part of the flashback-y series. Bashir met Curzon when he was little, but doesn't make the connection that the 'grumpy old man' was actually 'the beautiful Jadzia'.

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