Updated : 4:06 pm, 1/03/99

Welcome to the only Web Site worth wasting your time at. Ok, that was a total lie, but Itís not half bad here....or is it?...
.uoy teg ot gnimoc er'yeht dna dionarap oot tsuj era uoy neht ,siht gnidaer era uoy fI :SWEN
Today's midi song is random. If you go to "ON" you'll hear the theme song from Congo Why do gorillas have such big nostrils? Beacause they have such large fingers.

Here's what's new:
Well, I altered the setup more than before, now the web-site is slick as anything. All that wasted space below is kaput (German for kapoot) and when you put your pointer over the icons above descriptions will pop up (This is all with javascript. If your browser doesn't support java script, you have an old browser, and you should get a free new one.)
Rich has a new song on his page.
Listen Up!!!! Go and see Erik's graphics he made in the Galler-E.
Also, we have the GSMP Fan Club Registration, where you can sign up for real, or just screw around and make us mad.

( - Just thought we'd mention it...)