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 greetings, my name is petra... 
i am a writer/activist
you have entered my home 
and you are welcome

i hope you will visit often, but more than this i sincerely desire that you find here an idea which will bring you peace, that will feed your soul and send you on your journey refreshed and encouraged... 

 remember words have healing power, and we will heal our planet as we open our hearts and tell each other our stories...  

ideas are not things which can be possessed...
ideas need to be given away, so that they gather power;
and in gathering power,
they take shape and swirl into form around us...

this is my contribution to the idea that we are indeed family...

Eternal Questions
who am i?
why am i here?

published writings
and private perusals

Mind's Eye
an art gallery

in Creation
the shape of things to come

increase the peace 

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another person for peace