Rogers / Rankin Family Tree

I started putting together a family tree for my mother Kate Rankin as a gift - and while waiting for details to come through for that, extended the research to the Rogers side as well. Now I'm totally hooked on the research - and the enjoyment I've had in meeting with and talking to "new" relatives, reading their biographies and learning where I came from. If any of you are interested I can send you any of the data and materials I've collected - this is intended to be a family resource, as well as for other researching the Rogers and Rankin names. There are plenty of details missing and possibly some errors - if anyone can help correct / add to it I'd be grateful.

Note to users - the genealogy pages are driven by software called Java. This will load a tiny program onto your computer temporarily, which allows you to interact with the data by searching, jumping from view to view, viewing and printing ancestor charts & descendant charts - i.e. "family tree" formats. If you don't have a modern browser (Netscape 3+ or Internet Explorer 4+) the Java will not work. You will get a window popping up on your screen telling you of this fact - click on the link at the top of the page marked "Non-Java" to see the bare bones of the genealogy. Java users should press "OK" to read the "Help" notes that pop up in the beginning - they will tell you how to make the best of this genealogy and all its features.

If you want to see an overview of the families, click the "Family Information" link on the introduction page of the genealogy - this will give you a quick overview of who it covers and where the families come from. This will save you from having to trawl through all the details to see if there is a possibility our families are linked. I have various autobiographies and papers on both families - these are not in the genealogy, but in the biography sections below. I still have many ancestors and relatives to add, and am working on a pictorial tree of the family - current and historical. Let me know what you think, people - comments, corrections & additions are all very welcome.

This is the basic genealogy, where the entire family is listed, with clickable links. It's searchable, and you can even make and print your own family trees online.

The Ships
These are the ships my family emigrated to Australia on, with passenger lists, surgeons reports, master's logs, and eventually pictures of the ships as well. Growing weekly.

Rankin History
including the CARR, BAKER, GRESSIER, SCANLON, WHITEHEAD and WOODLAND families as well as the RANKINS. The Australian side of the family.

Rogers History
including the BAXTER, BRAND, GARDEN, MAIN and THOMPSON families as well as the ROGER / ROGERS. The English and Scottish side of the family.

I have transcribed the Aberdeen Return of Pilots 1854-56 listing all the Aberdeen harbour (including Footdee) pilots with their ages, from the Parliamentary returns of those years. If you suspect your ancestors were Pilots in Aberdeen (or even experienced fishermen, many of whom were Pilots too) check it out by clicking the link. I will be adding further years to this coverage in time. For my friends and probable cousins on ABERDEEN-L . (I am related to many of these people.)

I have also added the Partial 1851 Census Records - Fife as a service to the kind people on SCT-FIFE-L who have helped me so much with my research

Arthur McGREGOR of Dunedin, New Zealand, has gone to the effort of making the IGI batch numbers for Scottish Parishes available. These are very useful for tracing your family on the IGI's familysearch site. Check it out and bookmark it for your reference.

These genealogical pages would not have been possible without some software downloaded from the Web. To check these out or download them for yourself, go to the Genealogical links.

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