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Restoration should only be done by art conservators who are both qualified and have had much experience in the field. When approaching a work, they must never allow themselves to forget that it is of tremendous value, and must always keep in mind its historical content. To delegate such responsibility to those unqualified is to risk destroying the work by neglectful methods or materials. There are many different philosophical approaches and technical methods available to art conservators, and it is imperative that the most appropriate choices be made for any one work. When making theses difficult decisions, conservators must be aware of how the work has suffered from age, abuse and neglect. They must also be aware of how the work has been previously restored or altered, and also of their own limitations so that they do not attempt methods with which they are not familiar. When approaching a work, conservators must always experiment with various techniques, and must rely on their instincts to know which experiments are most likely to be successful. It is of primary importance that the methods employed must not alter the original any more then is absolutely necessary, and that any treatments be as reversible as possible. The minimum necessary treatment must be employed of the maximum quality. All stages must be documented with detailed descriptions and photographs through out the restorative process.
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