Wasup, y'all? Loren up in here! One time! In cyberspace, I'm known as Wyclef. In the real world, I'm known as BLT (Bad Loren Tung) of Golden Arches, a deadly Chinese gang at Rochester Adams High School. :) Welcome to SouthBeach, peeps!

Buckle your safety belts, kids! The tour of THE OFFICIAL LOREN TUNG WEBSITE! is about to begin!


All Refugees should check this home page out. If u never had a FE (Fugees Experience), then my exclusive downloads will help get u started. Ready or not, Refugees are takin' over!

I dish out WEBSITE! News, HTML tips, and stuff about moi.

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The chart is loaded with phat jams and exclusive downloads.


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I hope u enjoy my website! Thanx for surfin' in! :) Please Sign SouthBeach 2903 Guestbook on your way out. I'd like to thank GeoCities for da new home! Peace out. L84AD8. PB4UGO. Golden Arches forever. God rulz.




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