Disclaimer: These are my opinions/observations only. Although I wish I was, I am not affiliated with any of these brewing companies. If you work for one of these breweries and feel that your rating is too low, feel free to send me a six pack, and I'll review you again :)

These were my comments as I tasted the beer. Not too professional, but you get that "down home" feeling by reading them.

Harpoon Winter Warmer: A+

See the 1995-96 review

Sam Adams Old Fezziwig Ale: A+

Spicy start, chocolate porter-like finish. Hints of other flavors such as orange. Very complex. Excellent.

Blue Ridge Snowball's Chance: A

Excellent. First year brewed. Hope for it next year. My new "beer of the year". Kind of nutty...with a nice hop finish.

Pete's Wicked Winter Brew: A

See the 1995-96 review

Anchor Steam Our Special Ale '96: B+

What a difference a year makes! Mostly because my beer tasting has been refined. Nice Ale. Thrid year I've had it. Different recipe each year. Nice balance of spices, not too overpowering.

Sierra Nevada 1996 Celebration Ale: B+

Wow. Strong hop flavor that stays on the tongue. Darker than an IPA. Quite good.

Saranac Season's Best Nut Brown Lager: B

Very nice nut brown. Pleasant finish. Nothing to signify this as a "winter" beer, however.

Pyramid Snow Cap Ale: B-

Glass broke when I opened it, so I only dared taste it. Strong, almost like a barlywine taste.

Winterhook Winter Ale: C+

Nice Ale. Complex, tasty...but a not so pleasant aftertaste.

Stevens Point's Point Seasonal: C

Decent spiced beer. Average. Nothing special.

Coors Winterfest: C-

Not good, not bad. Tastes like they spiced up their regular Coors. Sort of like not taking a bath for a few days, then loading up on cologne.