Disclaimer: These are my opinions/observations only. Although I wish I was, I am not affiliated with any of these brewing companies. If you work for one of these breweries and feel that your rating is too low, feel free to send me a six pack, and I'll review you again :)

These were my comments as I tasted the beer. Not too professional, but you get that "down home" feeling by reading them.

Harpoon Winter Warmer: A+

On tap, this beer gets extra credit. See the 1995-96 review

Sam Adams Old Fezziwig Ale: I

Incomplete. Curse Sam Adams for taking this off the market!!! Their best beer, in my opinion. Can anyone explain to me why they stopped brewing it?

UPDATE: I've heard rumors that Sam Adams is planning on brewing this again this winter. Dare I dream? I'm sure my page had something to do with this. If the Sam Adams dude who saw this is reading now, please send me a six of Old Fez as thanks. Please?

Pete's Wicked Winter Brew: A

See the 1995-96 review

Snow Goose '97: A-

Very good. Wild Goose's Winter Ale is a robust ale. At first, I thought I tasted a hint of their Nut Brown Ale in it (a *very* good nut brown, if you like those things), but after a few more sips, I was mistaken. A nice malty aftertaste lets this beer last for a while.

Michelob Winter Brew Spiced Ale: B+

At first taste, I really liked this beer. After a few sips though, it just got WAY too sweet. A few days later, I had another one, and while still very sweet, it was bearable this time. Very rich and smooth. Really, not bad all in all. I'd recommend trying at least one.

Pyramid Snow Cap Ale: B+

Rich, almost sweet malty flavor. Reminded me a little of a barleywine, although not nearly as strong (this was 6.9% ABV). A hint of hoppiness at the finish. Very smooth and easy to drink despite the high ABV.

Saranac Season's Best Nut Brown Lager: B

Not too bad. An average nut brown, one of my favorite styles. Smooth with a nice nut flavor (duh). It doesn't really fit in with the "winter" styles though.

Victory Old Horizontal: B

Could possibly be a higher grade. Unfortunately, I only had a 2 oz. sample, and at the time I had it, my taste buds weren't at their finest ;) A barlywine, very strong and very sweet. Not sure if it's bottled, I had it on tap.

Clipper City Winter Ale: B

A nice pale ale. It's described as an "intensely hopped high gravity pale ale." I have to agree! Strong hop flavor with an underlying spice finish. Had this on both tap and in the bottle.

Catamount Christmas Ale: B-

Not too shy on the hops. Slight bitter taste. The label says it's an IPA, and I can't argue with it. Not bad, but not really a "winter" style.

Winterhook Winter Ale: C+

Malty. A decent ale. A slight sweetness at the finish.