Film Name Year Actress & suit or gear description
The Abyss 1989 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio stars in this famous underwater story involving a team of drillers on a deep-sea drilling rig that disturb intelligent life living on the floor of an underwater trench. She is seen in one scene wearing a (grey?) heavy-duty dive suit and hard helmet, as she undertakes underwater repairs and then makes contact with the lifeform.
Amsterdamned 1984? Monique Van de Ven wears a black smooth neoprene wetsuit with yellow stripes (my favourite!) in a short scene where she surfaces , climbs on a jetty, removes mask, hood, regulator and tanks and chats and walks around dripping wet. Uhh! Ohh! The irony is that this whole film is very scuba orientated and she doesn't even go near the water again. <*sigh*>
Around the World under Water 1966 This features no other than the original Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges). There is a too short sequence at the begining featuring the leading female character in a smooth skin wetsuit top.
Australia After Dark 197? An unintentionally funny fim dating from the '70s, but it features some film from Ben Cropp, (a famous Australian diver and always a man with an eye to the ladies) of a very attractive woman snorkelling and diving nude on the Great Barrier Reef. She dives with a hookah rig, and the guy who sent this swears she resembles Ben's current wife Lyn, who you can meet if you holiday at Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef. You can buy their videos from her, too.. (Note: See Ben Cropp's former wife Eve in the Underwater Gallery)
Birds Do It 196? A sixties Soupy Sales movie- he is pursued by a woman on a motorscooter. She stops at a small dive shop, enters, and exits dressed in a smooth sky-blue wetsuit and scuba gear to continue pursuit UW. A couple short UW scenes and a surfacing scene.
Black Widow 1987? This is a mid 80's movie about a woman (played by Theresa Russell) who marries rich men and then kills them and makes off with their money and the US Justice Dept. employee (played by Debra Winger) who is out to get her. In one scene Winger and Russell go diving together! Their both wear matching gear, both in Xcel wetsuits, jackets with French cut legs (no pants or hoods). Russell is wearing a red and black suit, and Winger is wearing a blue and yellow one.
Catch Us If You Can aka Having a Wild Weekend 1965 In this there's a scene where a guy takes a blonde to a pool and they are both seen underwater in wetsuits. Also stars the Dave Clark Five.
Cocoon & Cocoon2 198? Tahnee Welch (daughter of Raquel, fact fans) does some warm water diving in a blue Fathom wetsuit. I seem to recall that these have also some old ladies in diving gear.
Come Spy With Me 1967 Early in the film, a woman in full black suit and hood emerges from the ocean on to a pier. Walking along, she's grabbed from behind by a thug whom she quickly disposes of. On shore, she removes the hood, unzips the jacket and meets the protagonists for a short discussion.
Confessons Of A Pop Performer 197? Probably some spinoffs of the 70's "Confessions of a..."-sex comedy series. A contributor says that this is the nearest to wet suit sex he has ever seen so I guess this is worth investigating some more. Update: Here are the details of the wetsuit scene: The pop singer gets invited to a private music Biz party and his Record company boss introduces him to a tall female , she starts to seduce him , and takes him to a room away from the party. He enters the room and finds all kinds of things, whips , harnesses, and a smoothskin pair of wetsuit trousers, and jacket , as well as a diving face mask, snorkel, flippers. Robin Asquith hands the wetsuit to the tall female, and starts stripping down to his underwear, and he puts on the mask, flippers and snorkel. The tall female places the wetsuit upon the bed, while the actor fools in front of a large mirror. Unknown to him he is in front of a two way mirror and the rest of the party are watching him. The tall female then grabs hold of the actor, then they roll around on the bed with the wetsuit underneath them, he in snorkel gear, she is naked. Anyway he realises he`s left his record outside, so he walks (or waddles out in his gear back into the party), to discover everybody wathching the tall woman placing on the smoothskin wetsuit trousers..... mmmmm The shot of her sliding them on is pretty short BUT it is repeated twice!!!
Dark Side of the Movie 19?? A robot woman in a black smoothskin suit in a leather chair in all of the movie
Day of the Dolphin 197? One of George C. Scotts assitant dolphin researchers is seen wearing a two piece black US Divers suit.
Dayton's Devils 1968 A movie starring Leslie Nielsen when he wasn't funny. This has a group of robbers hiding underwater. One of divers is Lainie Kazan (black short hair, big thingies) and she is seen first suiting up in a US Divers black smooth hooded wetsuit, then briefly in full gear with double hose tanks and then in the water and in the boat after the dive dripping wet. (Amusing fact: Lainie suits up the wrong way, first the jacket and then she starts to put on the rubber trousers. GREAT sounds, btw)
The Deep 197? Jacquline Bisset dives in a t-shirt and a bikini in this Caribbian treasure mystery
Delos Adventure 1984? A small scene here where the leading lady does a brief snorkeling scene. She is first seen rising from a ladder and then climbing onto a boat and then removing her wetsuit. The wetsuit is only a black sharkskin wetsuit top, probably a US Divers' Capri. Otherwise this movie truly sucks.
Dolphin Girl 1995 This Italian movie tell the story of Angela Bandini, a female recordholder in free diving (breatholding). Angela is played by actress Alexandra Brochen, a tall slim athletic blonde, and you can see her topless, in a black swimsuit with a monofin and in a dark blue Cressi Sub wetsuit with a hood. There's quite a lot of footage showing her putting the hood on and straightening it. Woo!
Duffy 1968 Susannah York wears a smoothskin wetsuit top and manages to look real nice...
Easy Come, Easy Go 196? Near the end of this film a Pat Priest goes diving in a blue neoprene shorty and a loose hood and she has double hose tanks. Also recommended if you want to see the King himself, Elvis Presley in full black rubber suit. Too bad they didn't have some more suits for the leading ladies...
The Edge 19?? A U.S. adventure sports film, with an all too brief diving sequence somewhere off the South American coast. Our atrractive heroine wears a two-piece sharksin suit and hood, and there are a couple of nice underwater shots of her. Sigh...
Escape to Athens 1979 Stephanie Powers snorkels in a sharkskinned wetsuit top, which is quite strange since the movie takes place in the WW II. She looks very sexy in the wet top and black diving mask.
Emmanuelle 3 197? This apparantly has a scene where a couple are having "an arousing time in wetsuits"
The Evil Below 19?? A normal carribean tresaure diving film, but it features the English June Chadwick diving first in a Speedo (some nice butt shots) and then in a blue onepiece, in which she also rolls around in the surf with her film boyfriend. (A catalogue number of some kind: CEL Home video 900963)
Fantastic Voyage 196? Raquel Welch (!) goes diving inside a human body (see the film...) wearing a white rubber suit and some kind of a full face mask. Especially memorable is the scene where the divers are attacked by some antebodies and the men have to tear of the ropey tentacles that have wrapped tightly around Raquel's body. I could swear that one guy actually sqeezes her breast briefly during the scene... well, I would have done it... ;)
Freaky Friday ? A Disney film where mother and daughter exhange bodies. Has young (very young, only 14 or so...) Jodie Foster waterskiing in a white smoothskin beavertail top with front zip.
G.I. Jane 199? I'm not really, really sure about this but I think I saw a clip with Demi Moore in mask and wetsuit top. Crap movie, but someone check this one out.
GunHead 19?? A S.F. movie, has a woman in what looks like the bottom part of a wetsuit
Help! 196? In this Beatles movie Ringo is helped by waterskiing Eleanor Bron in full wetsuit. That's fab...
It Came From a Rock 196? A scifi B-movie about a spaceship on a moon with a monster. All the astronauts(?), including two women wear suits not unlike smoothskin wetsuits with high collars.
Jaws 3 198? This 3D turkey has a leading lady that dives in the aquarium in a one piece blue neoprene suit with a high collar and a back zipper (no hood). Looks very sexy! There's also a fellow female worker wading in a waist deep pool with similar outfit, only red.
Killer Fish 1982? Karen Black dives with piranhas wearing a smooth shiny Cressi-Sub wet suit with hood & gloves. She first gears up, the enters the water then dives around with many close-ups and then leaves the water in a hurry when the pirahnas appear and lies on the jetty breating heavily. Also kisses a fellow actor in full suit. Wow! I already got an erection writing this...
The Knack...How to get it! 1965 A friend of the hero is seen waterskiing with 3 girls in smoothskin two piece black wetsuits. One of the girls is Charlotte Rampling who is also seen suited up in Orca (see below)
Legend of the Dinosaur 1983? This Japanese movie has three underwater scenes. The first one has two Japanese women in yellow smooth skin wetsuits with hoods and the two others feature one of the ladies from the first scene. The girls are seen clearly both in the water and out of it. Sounds very good, I wish I had this on tape (hint, hint...). It seems that it has been featured on the Mystery Science Theatre 3000.
Local Hero 198? Two men come to buy a Scottish waterfront village for oil drilling. One of them encounters a marine biologist in a blue two piece nylon II wetsuit. But what is she doing diving in those cold Scotland waters without a hood. (Did I tell you that I like hoods? I knew I did...)
Man's Favourite Sport 195? A Howard Hawks film with a scene where the 2 leading ladies (sorry, don't remember their names right now swim in black rubber outfits, swimcaps and very ancient masks and snorkels. The suits are a lot like wetsuits but have small collars like a shirt. But they are sexy as hell especially when the leading ladies run in the woods wearing also black flippers.
Mazerratti and the Brain 19?? A nice show of a women diving in a full wetsuits.
Namu - The Killer Whale 196? Lee Meriweather, the former Miss America and also Catwoman in 60's Batmans starts in this Disney movie as marine biologist (if I remember this correctly) who helps a dad and his son and their friendly killer whale. A kind of ancestor of Free Willy or something. Anyway, Miss Meriweather is seen wearing a shortsleeved blue/grey wetsuit top and black smoothskin suit trousers.
Never Say Never Again 1983 Barbara Carrera goes diving in a black and yellow shortie in this Sean Connery Bond-epic.
Night Moves 1975 A Gene Hackman thriller with a scene in the end where a girl wears a bright yellow neoprene shortie with yellow ovale mask and double hose tanks.
Orca 1977 Charlotte Rampling in full sharkskinned suit. The film starts with a long underwater sequence where Charlotte hides from a shark. Then she surfaces and annoyingly remomes the hood off-camera. Runs around a ship wearing the suit with the hood pulled down.
The Patriot 198? This not-exactly-remarkable thriller has two blondes in one piece wetsuits (one blue and another blue with some orange/red stripes) and commercial diving helmets. Good for heavy gear fans.
Patriot Games 199? The ever-mighty Harrison Ford battles some IRA terrorist. It just happens that in the end scene one of them is a woman dressed in black center panel with grey sides nylon II wetsuit but he still manages to beat the crap out of them.
Petticoat Pirates 195? Rather stupid seeming British film vehicle for comedian Charlie Drake. Navy women hijack ship to prove their worth. Assault led by frog-women wearing (get this!) somekind of tight leotards or something, at least they don't look like neoprene to me (well, the pants could be but I'm not sure. But they have black rubber swimcaps and two-hose tanks with flippers and masks, so this is worth seeing.
Pirahna 2 - the spawning 198? There's some great close-ups of female divers faces and also one scene where Tricia OŽNeil , the female lead, wears a black sharkskinned wetsuit jacket with blue accent stripes.
Real Genius 198? Typical boring 80's youth comedy/film. This one has a brunette actress wearing a blue(?) wetsuit top and tanks on her back.
The Riviera Touch 196? Another 60's comedy with very good wetsuit scenes. An brunette actress appears several times wearing a full black wetsuit with a blue stripe in front and a separate hood. Has a lovely a lenghty scene with several close-ups of her fully suited. A must!! Oh, if you see this notice the funny collar the suit has
September Storm 1960 Female star in fair amount of dive action. More details when I get them.
Son of the Pink Panther 1993 At the beginning of the film the woman in the kidnappers' party is wearing a black Cressi-Sub smooth skin wetsuit with attached hood. It's a shame that the suit is a bit too large for her, otherwise it would be a classic. The suit and the hood also stay on during some karate fight scenes and we also get a good close up of her with the mask on. (Note: this is exactly the type of suit your webmaster loves!)
Sphere 1998 A strange underwater alien force or something like that is examined by Sharon Stone and Queen Latifah (an Ameriacn rap star) dressen in heavy rubber suits and Kirby-Morgan -like helmets.
Spy Hard 1996 A movie starring Leslie Nielsen when he wasn't funny but tried to be. It also has a scene right in the beginning where the leading lady sneaks on the enemy shore wearing some kind of one piece suit that looks like grey nyloncoated neoprene with a velcro hood that splits up in two.
Stunt Seven 198? Probably a TV series pilot with truly horrible acting and extremely stupid plot. Well, anyway, this has two ladies diving with neoprene shorties and hoods (one blue/orange and the other blue/yellow). We get some underwater shots and good close-ups of one of girls out of the water with the hood on and also with it pulled back. The girls also have nice wetsuit boots on. This also has Ilse Sommer (sp?, some kind of faded star) with mask and regulator but no suit.
Summer School 19?? Countney Thorn Smith, in a blue, orange one piece shorty suit for surfing.
Sunburned 198? Sunburn-dumb Farrah Fawcett vehicle, with a great underwater scene. Farrah seen in a too tight white smoothskin shortie with french cut legs, and the zipper is half unzipped. She is nearly drowned by another diver. A couple of interesting notes: 1) she is seen on a dock before going in the water, carrying a tank with a double hose reg on it, but in the water, she's using a single hose! 2) According to Playboy magazine interview Farrah in that drowning scene WAS ALMOST DROWNED!! She was descending the boat's ladder when the "enemy diver" dragged her under before she had her regulator in.
Terror from Beneath the Sea 1966 This stars Peggy Neil and Sonny Chiba as two newspaper reporters. They are investigating strange disapperances near an atomic reactor. While diving theyare captured and taken to an underwater complex run by (what else?) a mad scientist. He is turning people into robotic fish men. He tortures our heros andtries to turn them into fish men. They escape and set the destruct timer, escaping just in time. There are several minutes of underwater scenes with Neil wearing a red wetsuit top (which keeps riding up her behind - she does have a nice ass !) and small twin air tanks and single hose regulator. Chiba wears a standard black full wetsuit with twin tanks and double hose regulator.
Touch and Go 1980 An Australian film about 6 women who try to rob a holiday resort hotel. What's really great is that they disguise themselves by wearing full wetsuits made of smooth neoprene complete with sharkskinned hoods. Loads of suit action as our heroines swim and run around very wet. A must for a scuba fetish!
Underwater 195? Jane Russell (!) dives a lot in a bikini with double hose tanks.
Underwater City 1962 A 60's film about, you guessed it, an underwater city. Features actresses walking around studio sets pretending to be swimming (looks hilarious!). But they are wearing hooded rubber wetsuits with double hose regulators. Yes! They also seen "out" of water in full gear and without masks but for a too short time...
Weep no more my Lady 19?? A woman trying to kill someone in a lake, wearing a wetsuit.
A Wiew To a Kill 198? This Bond film has a short scene where Fiona Fullerton is dressed in a full suit with hood and mask but you really can't see her clearly.
Within the Rock 1996 A murderous alien goes a-man-hunting when unsuspecting miners free it from its hidey-hole deep in a distant planet. The drilling team (2 females) wear what looks suspiciously like one-piece grey neoprene wetsuits that zip up the front (sorry, don't recognise type), with the bottom halves disguised by workers trousers and boots.
____ Station [Hawaiian City]?? 196? A contributor didn't remember the title but this is a made for TV movie about a team of divers that recover information from a sunken Russian sub. One scene includes a woman who enters the hull (not flooded) in a full suit and hood, breathing thru her reg the whole time because of the foul air. She walks thru the hull for about 3-4 minutes like this before exiting.

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