My name is Meredith and I live in Fort Worth, Texas! Don't you think that baby hippo is so cute? I do! Well, I know this homepage is really random, but that's me...a really random and goofy girl! I am the type of gal that loves having good "clean" fun! :)  Also, I love God!  He is AWESOME! He is EVERYTHING! He is I AM, He is my Daddy, King, Savior, Best Friend, Brother, Shepherd, Creator, and much much more! He blesses me so much! I want to live my life for HIM daily.
These are my senior pictures.  This was taken in January 2004. I graduated Baylor so there ya go! The picture below was taken in June 1999.  There is a difference between how I looked then and now. I graduated graduate school  from UTArlington.
OH yeah,  I am 26!  My birthday is on April 21! Yup that is my baby picture that is appearing randomly.
I have yet another page!! Click here to look at it!!