The Stag of the Year 2007(or one of them anyway)

The Date :  TBD

The Location: TBD


Welcome one and all to this site.  On it you will find some interesting information of our up and coming stag to some mysterious destination in a far off land of milk and honey (beer and vodka).  Over the next couple of  months I will update this site with relevant information on our destination, or crew (who are, to say the least, very likely to end up in jail for at least one night) and some of the activities we have planned and some we would like to be planned.

As most of you know, our dear friend Baz has decided to get hitched this year, so in a traditional manner we are having a stag to celebrate, commiserate and obliterate.

The cast and Crew

  1. Baz (the man himself)

  2. Jimbo (organiser extraordinaire / keeper of the Black Book of Strip Clubs)

  3. Pip (if its illegal he's done it / but is OFFICIALLY retired)

  4. Teddy (drinker extraordinaire / for the first night anyway / life time member of the Jack Daniels club)

  5. Bates (Gin Gin and always a grin)

  6. Andy (Our Northern representative / bail bond financier)

  7. Colm C (The man who knows everyone / or will by the end of the night)

  8. Dara C (The quiet man / until you get to know him)

  9. Fergal (the man who knows it all / our walking encyclopaedia)

  10. Manus (says it all with his actions)

  11. Phil (says it all and more with his mouth / guaranteed to cause mayhem)

  12. Mick D (could sell snow to Eskimos and your grandmother to the Iranians)

  13. Paul B (the best fence in the business)





Last updated :23/02/2007