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Welcome to the mind of Matt Jordan.  Within the limitless confines of the human mind, the possibilities are endless as to what one could find.  Within my mind, I'm sure it would be difficult to find little more than a boring life, a few dirty jokes, and last weeks Simpson's reruns.  So if you are looking for the meaning of life, I think you surfed into the wrong web site.  If you are looking to learn a little about me and find a way to pass the time on an otherwise boring day, by all means, come on in!

Warning!  This site is currently under major construction.  All visitors must wear hard hats and put up with the pathetic condition the site is currently in.

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Upon entering this web site, you are subject to a $10,000.00 entertainment charge and must waive all rights as a citizen of your country and bow before me, Emporrer Matt.  If you are female, you are also subject to my incorporating you into my harem.