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Hey Folks!
It's nice of you that you came in today. Hope you enjoy the page that contain things about me, my friends, an information that seem to be important, pictures, various fun and jokes.
W E L C O M E   T O  O N E S H Y L A D ' S
H O M E P A G E !
Interactive camera - you must check this site. This is an interactive photocamera. I couldn't believe such technology existed. Try it out!!
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This is me. The picture  was taken in Pattaya, Thailand. I am not sure if I am a saint but I have this light oreol...
This is me (right) and my friend Oleg wrestling by the pool side of Ambassador Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand. (May, 1999)
This is me @ Moscow Air and Space Show, August 1999. Behind is SU-35 fighter.
Having fun - there a lot of ways to have fun. Some smoke pot, others sky-dive. For myself, having fun - it is everything that makes you feel good about what you are doing. So rare to happen, isn't it?

Talk to friends - this is our last bastion when you feel lonely, or have problems. Our friends are those people with whom you share your thoughts, spend time together. Sometimes you have problems with them. If those problems can be overrode - then the friendship is the most treasurable thing in the world.

Watching movies
- I have over 500 videos and DVDs, including almost all types of movies: action, romance, suspense, thriller, horror, fantasy, fighting, comedy, etc. etc. I like watching movies because [some of them] give me an experience and practical knowledge that I would not have in my day-to-day life.

Travelling - I traveled a bit. I have visited 15 countries and over 70 cities in the world. The most important thing about traveling is that you meet new people and learn their countries lifestyle.

Making money
- that's what is needed to have things in life. Money are evil in sense that they may make a normal person a bad person. But they give material freedom.

Driving a Car
- I love the sense of driving sharp, fast, energetic, but safe to myself and to people.

Fun of People - sure, I am not alone in the business. I like highliting one's peculiarities so they look funny. Well, the object of fun may not be as happy as those who listen, but - c'est la vie!
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May 2001
This is my Mercedes.
This is my Jack Russel terrier puppy at 1 month and 1 week.
Mask? - that's it!
This is my Jack Russel terrier puppy at 4 month.
My Recent Pictures (Click to enlarge!):
Me and my friends at Poklonnaya Hill in front of St. George statue.
Me in front of my car November 07 2003
Me at Poklonnaya Hill in front of St. George statue.
At a night club November 2004
My doggy in jail! April 2005
At 0:03 just after Currants tall in April 2005
On the top of hill of Cathedral Of Notre Dame de la Gard, Marseille, France. July 2004
In Adorra's downtown. July 2004
Out of the sea off Lloret de Mar coast. Spain, July 2004
Out of the sea off Lloret de Mar coast. Spain, July 2004
At Red Squart just after midnight Currants' tall. April 20054
He's in jail! 1yr9mnth
~ My dog ~