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Welcome to my website, my online experience. This web site is created for displaying my university projects that I am or was involved in..as well as something about myself and my country beloved 'Malaysia'. I am currently doing my doctorate in Electrical Engineering in University of Sheffield, England. Learn more about who I am or where I am ? - about me Wanna hire me ? - resume.

I hope that this website would provide useful information for you. Please do visit this site for updates and hope you enjoy my online world.

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Lastest Updates !

27th April 2003- Oppss its been a long time since updated this site... let me refresh what i have done.. Nothing ! Accept for setting up this personal http server of mine. I've got an ftp server as well but it wouldn't be useful for ppl with slow internet connection and besides at the moment i do not let anonymous login. I'm not sure if i'm gonna allow it next time but hey u will nvr know..!

26th July 2002- Hello there.. been busy for the last 2 weeks. Gonna take a weekend off in Lake District. Hopefully the weather would be nice this weekend. The update will continue after that.

25th June 2002- Hi, i'm back. Its been a long time since i update this page or visited it myself. Hopefully i'll be more dedicated from now on in updating this page hehe..!

4th Dec 2001 - Yo guys... there's not much update here. Just tidying up errors and mis-spelled words here and there.

29th Oct - A trillion apologies, mate. Here's the update. 'cpchuah.com' no longer belongs to me cause I don't want to pay for it. I am working towards my PhD now at University of Sheffield. So be more patient I am REALLY busy here.

25th June - Sorry guys, I've been busy with exams and travelling. Everything's done now though, hopefully I will have more time to concentrate on this page.

20th Mac - Updated project presentation 2000/2001.Follow the link above and check it out !

2nd Jan - This page is redesigned for ease of surfing ! Do enjoy your time here... new included is the personal diary of the updates of this page from its evolution.

Due to slow page loading the SEARCH Engine has been removed to this page. Please click here for access. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.



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