What is VPlaces?

It is a chat program that lets you, once you have connected to a VP server, to use any web page as a chat site.

I hope to get a little more about this, including some screen shots of VP, up on this page in the future. In the meantime, here are links and programs to get you started.

Since Ozemail closed Chatcity, Excite has gone as well. Halsoft have a pay version of VP or there are smaller servers. Check out the Chatcity Escapees Community or Chatcity Plus Messageboard for details.

This is the final screen shot of Chatcity on 6th August 2001 that I took shortly before it closed. It was an old version of VPlaces, but you'll get the idea what this chat program looks like on screen. The small black squares are browser users (those who don't have VPlaces and can't see the avatars at all). We called them 'tuckers'; in Excite they are 'mugs' or 'bagheads' because that is what they look like there.

All programs here are 'free', not cracks.

VPlaces Program and Patches

http/:www.vplaces.net for the latest versions and patches.

You must exit the VPlaces program to install the patches.

Vplaces 163     The Vplaces program
Mega patch     Mega head patch. Must install Big Head patch as well.
Big Head patch 53kb   Big head patch for gallery.
Big files patch 53kb   enables sending of larger files in VP.
Yahtzee 842kb   game of Yahtzee for use in VP

VP Links

Virtual Places Stuff     the best Vp site. Downloads. FAQ. How to use Netscape as default for VP
Excite Chat     another VP chat site.
Ing's AV and Gesture Links     the best links site for avatars.
VP Universe     a good start place for Avs
The Jewellery Box     top avatar site
Modummir's     VP patches
VP Goodies     very good site for programs etc