Karen's UnOfficial Backstreet Boys Webring
How does a webring work?
A webring is used to interlink (link together) a group of websites/webpages of similar topics. In this case, it's the Backstreet Boys. To have this interlinking affect, all the members of the webring must put up the required HTML fragment. If not, the webring would not work as well.

Who can join up?
If you have a website about the Backstreet Boys you're set to go! Don't forget, it has to have information on the Backstreet Boys, not just pictures. If you don't have a website, you can't join, because the point of a webring is to interlink websites of similar topics (in this case, Backstreet Boys). I do check all the websites personally!

How do I sign up?
Just fill out the form and you're almost set to go!

What do I do after I sign up?
You'll be sent the HTML fragment, or you can go to [Edit Your Site Info] and find the HTML fragment there, so all you have to do is copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) the HTML fragment and your another step closer to being apart of the webring!

Okay, I've put up the HTML fragment and it looks similar to the one below, now what?
Now, all you have to do is wait to be added to the ring. If you'd like to speed up the process a little, email me and I'll try to get it done, ASAP.

What happened to uploading the graphic?
Some people found it a pester to upload the graphic, so I've decided to let everyone link to my server. If you have already uploaded the graphic, no worries, you can decide to change it or not.

Join The Webring
The HTML fragment
Edit Your Site Info
Index Of All The Sites In The Ring
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Karen's UnOfficial Backstreet Boys Website
When you put the HTML fragment on, it should similar to this:

Karen's UnOfficial Backstreet Boys Webring This
Karen's UnOfficial Backstreet Boys Webring
is owned by:
Karen aKa backstreetgal,
but this site is owned by:

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