Frankenstein's Monster


Dr. Basil Frankenstein, a descendant of the infamous Victor Frankenstein, was a Nazi scientist who followed in his ancestor's foorsteps by creating an artificial man from corpses. Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant, the Japanese Dr. Kitagowa, had moved to his ancestor's castle in Switzerland to continue his mission of creating an army of zombie Nazi soldiers. However, word of his activity was leaked to the Allies and the Human Torch and Toro went to investigate. When the Torches didn't return, Captain America, Bucky, and the Sub-Mariner went looking for them.

When the other Invaders arrived, they discovered the villagers around Castle Frankenstein were ready to storm it and tear it down. They explained to the Invaders about the arrival of the Torches and the murdering monster that had torn through their village. Cap and Bucky went to investigate the Castle while the Sub-Mariner held the torch-weilding mob at bay. Cap and Bucky were overcome by the seig-heiling monster and were taken prisoner. Dr. Basil Frankenstein then revealed his diabolical plans...he wanted not only to create a race of Nazi zombies for Hitler, he also wanted to transplant his brain into Captain America's body. Dr. Frankenstein had been in a lab accident which paralyzed his legs and hands. He and Dr. Kitagowa had fallen in love, and she wanted to place Basil's brain in Cap's body so that she and Dr. Frankenstein could have a physical love as well.

Dr. Frankenstein had captured the Torches, and was siphoning the Human Torch's android energies to cause his monster to become bigger and stronger. Suddenly though, the Sub-Mariner arrived at the Castle and freed the other Invaders. During the battle with the Frankenstein's Monster, the creature was knocked into a wall of electrical equipment. This jolt cleared the Monster's mind, freeing him from Dr. Frankenstein's mental domination. No longer a slave of the mad doctor, the monster grabbed Basil and Dr. Kitagowa and took them to the Castle's parapets. Proclaiming he would no longer be Frankenstein's slave, and that he wanted to return to death, the Monster jumped from the Castle and took Drs. Frankenstein and Kitagowa with him.

First and Final Appearance: INVADERS #31 (1978)

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